Selfie Cameras Can Reveal Your Passwords

The Selfie trend has its downsides: the better Smartphone front cameras are problematic from a data protection perspective. A recent study, comes to this conclusion by researchers of the TU Berlin has been carried out. Especially the higher resolution of phone cameras therefore poses a risk.

The researchers succeeded for example, to record reflections of the display with the front camera in the eyes of users, heise online reported. Even better, the data could capture when the user wears glasses. In this way, the capture of entered passwords or codes is also keylogging possible so. A special app is necessary for reading the data – such could get disguised but as game on the Smartphone.

Even Fingerprints Can Be Recorded

For trying, the researchers used an oppo N1 that MP resolution has a pivoting camera with 13. This is of course an extreme case – the usual front camera 2 to 5 MP would be sufficient hard in most cases to adequately capture screen displays as shown. However, is reflected in the attempt the danger which is steadily increasing due to better front cameras. For this the Selfie trend last but not least is responsible, which brings a higher resolution of the cameras installed on the side of the display of the Smartphones.

But also friends back camera potential risk: so the researchers succeeded, to collect the fingerprints of the oppo N1 user with the main camera. In this way even a fingerprint scanner could be outsmarted with a bit of effort, as he currently in the Apple iPhone 5 s or installed in the Samsung Galaxy S5 is.