Silver bracelet : Compulsory Item on Your Door Jewel!

Like silver bracelet? Come check out our tips and don’t let Miss this item required in your door jewel!

Silver bracelet, bracelet with Pendant, bracelet with silver, bracelet with stones, Silver bracelet with leather, according to, so many options that you get lost! But wait! We will help you

Compulsory Item on Your Door Jewel 1

For those who still do not know, here at Uber47 we also consults and a doubt very often our customers is: “can I mix several different bracelets?” And this question will be answered in the post today with a “YES” in two looks super nice, don’t miss out!

Separated two combinations to give ideas of how to combine your bracelets:

1: LOOK at this look the idea was to mix the same colored bracelets, namely, silver, silver color and play with bracelets of different models and sizes to cause an effect of motion in the arm. The idea is to leave a link interlaced within the other, nothing uptight but all talking!

Compulsory Item on Your Door Jewel 2

LOOK 2: this look the idea was to mix colorful leather bracelets with natural stones to brighten a total look black. Look, the bracelets have shades that combine with each other and also match if we put together with metal bracelets but mainly with silver bracelet. The finishes of the jelly bracelets are silver and would be a perfect marriage!

The idea is to always prove and if you look in the mirror! Just so you can have a broad vision of the pieces in contrast with your body. Think always on occasion, but never let go of your personality!

Compulsory Item on Your Door Jewel 3

Like our looks?

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