Siri Is Ported to IPhone 4 with Uneven Results

Siri It is, in addition to the new system of speech recognition developed by Apple, it is one of the incentives that the new iPhone 4S presents, in addition to the improved camera and the benefits of the A5 processor. Precisely the latter seems clearly the charge that the feature is not present in iPhone 4, that it apparently does not present many more differences at the hardware level. At least, so far.

It has been Steve Troughton-Smith, an independent developer based in Ireland which has managed to implement Siri in a copy of iPhone from little more than one year ago, although with somewhat disparate and inconsistent results, as they reflect the following videos.

After viewing both graphic documents, all asking the same question: processor or memory? The slow 5 with Siri on an iPhone 4 iOS system behavior points to the possibility that the application has been developed by requiring the power and performance of an A5 processor.

For what this would become a case more than those in which the of Cupertino, to the lack of fluidity of execution of the application on a device with a lower performance, You must ultimately remove it from the iPhone 4 and use it as a claim further bear in mind to enhance the sales of iPhone 4S.

Something similar to what happens in the first generation with the multi-touch gestures iPad enabled in the iPad 2, or the inability to use the iOS multitasking on iPod touch second generation and iPhone 3G.

Despite being a relative weight argument, nonetheless our attention powerfully the fluidity of execution in the second of the videos, which leads us to consider a reasonable doubt about the reasons for the non-incorporation of Siri in upgrading to iOS 4 iPhone 5.