Six Tips to Make the Most of Your Green Eyes

Green eyes often seem to always smile, but sometimes sad if they do not wear the appropriate shades. These colors of makeup shades like: bullet, silver, violet, will make your eyes shine and be envious.

The makeup that enhances your look is made up of shades that give life to the green iris of your eyes. You can choose from a wide range of warm colors and cool colors. Among the former, brown, frosting, apricot and brownish are recommended. To add glamor to the look it is best to opt for dark colors, especially in cold tones like copper, lavender, lilac, plum, pink, pale purple and violet. Lilacs are especially well with iris green. Another possibility is to use a color such as gray or pearl.

Brownish Shadows:

All makeup kits require a neutral shade, and for women with green eyes the brownish taupe is neutral. The brownish tones are warmer than normal brown. Also, if you choose a taupe with a touch of sparkle, it will make your eyes shine. Covergirl Tapestry Taupe and H. Rubinstein are the best of them.

Gray Eyeliner:

It is lighter than black and gives it a softer look, but it also highlights the eyes. Use it mainly during the day, choose a creamy pencil like Nars or graphite MAC, they are soft and easy to use and a good alternative to replace black.

Shades In Shades Of Purple:

Purple works with all deep eyes, but is a beautiful color for green eyes. The complementary color of green is purple, so any shade with shades of purple really makes the eyes green. The lavender, violet, eggplant, also goes very well. One of the most indicated is the trio of Shiseido VI 308. For a more remarkable result, concentrate mainly the purple shade near the lash line and apply along it.

Chocolate Or Coffee Eye Pencil

A line of chocolate brown eyeliner has the same strong effect of a black eyeliner, but without adding the hardness of black pencil gives clear eyes. Mainly wear it during the day if you want to have well-delineated eyes, although black is never prohibited. The most indicated brown pencil at the moment is Elizabeth Arden.

Shadow Silver Powder:

At this time you should steal this trick from Kristen Stewart (she’s a green-eyed icon) who knows how to enjoy her look with a “smoky” touch using powdered shades of silver or aged silver like Bobbi Brown. Apply to eyelids and inner corners. These colors will give you a point as “smoky” as bright, and with a deep look.

Shadows Green-Gold:

We must not forget the green shadows and we must also take into account the new shades of gold and silver with touches of green, such as Nars Mousson eyeshadow. Always use shades as the color of your eyes and the same family of colors of them, play with colors, with new and brilliant textures especially the textures incorporating a little metallic that make your eyes shine.