Skirts 50 Years For a Body To Scream

You want to redraw the lines of your silhouette, highlight the waistline and show off an hourglass physique? Discover all the benefits that lie behind the skirts 50 years.

Have you ever heard of skirts 50 years? Definitely yes but there are many women who have difficulty understanding what is really the right model. The length is average, neither too short nor too long, almost to the knee. You wear a high waist, low waist 50 years they didn’t even know what it was, and the models are flared and turning on themselves a wheel. Yes, it is precisely the skirts the models in the fifties were popular. Smart ladies of that time, who knew well how to reshape the silhouette with a wonderful and super feminine Hourglass physique.Wearing a simple shirt or blouse and a skirt that gives life and recline, widening slightly Akimbo, redesigns, apparently, their bodies leaving everyone breathless.

We bet that these skirts now you like significantly more? You’re lucky, the skirts 50 years are still very much in vogue and even when you aren’t one of the big trends of the season (spring/summer 2014 is favorable!), you can still find shop on line sites and in some specialty stores right in vintage and retro fashion.

 The right combination we have already explained, but we see in detail what are the best ever.The tight shirts are a must but if you opt for the classic fashion of twin sets, and then cardigan and matching top. Even the tight sweaters help you create amazing look.

You are always abreast of the latest trends? Then you can not help but to choose one of the coolest t-shirt or a beautiful fleece sweater and embellished with prints and details. The belt, remember, is crucial. You can forget it only if your skirt already has a nice contrasting elastic waist, perhaps embellished with details or chic fabrics.

The skirt 50 years gives a retro look but also very ladylike so although we like very much the trend that it takes always there to create mix and match outfits, mixing accessories that normally don’t go totally agree, we prefer to opt for high heels or wedges.

And now try to create complete with your skirt 50 years, you’ll see that look!