Sleeping Bag Test

If a sleeping bag buy you want for the camping holiday, you face a confusing choice. Consult with a sleeping bag test about the advantages and disadvantages of different models. So, you can find the sleeping bag which is perfect for your outdoor activity, and their needs. See also the sleeping bag test results by Pimasleepingbags!

Expensive sleeping bag test

In a sleeping bag test, the “outdoor Magazin” has tried various models and tested with a thermal imaging camera – sleeping bags for summer tours of three-season models up down to sleeping bags, which are designed for freezing temperatures. To find the best model, various factors are important, for example, the construction, thermal insulation and weight. You should also consider what time of year you want to use the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags for extreme temperatures

In particularly cold nights the Carinthia discover is the best choice 800 M: the sleeping bag has a double hull construction and holds even when warm minus 18 degrees. The insulation comes at a price, of course: round will cost 600 euros 1.5 kg model. Also the feathered friends offers Puffin a sufficiently good heat insulation, but is he more as an all-rounder. The well three pound model is priced at around 550 euros. But not on any occasion you need a sleeping bag, can withstand extreme temperatures – you want to stay so not all night awake with a head.

Sheep bag suitable for different seasons

Just if you want to stay between the end of spring and the beginning of autumn in the open air, a three-season model offers. If you are looking at the same time also a possible light sleeping bag, then the Yeti V.I.B.. 400 L according to sleeping bag test is the best choice: with a weight of almost 850 grams, this model is a real flyweight – this is due to its lightweight fabric and its down coat. However, the approximately 400 euro expensive sleeping bag between spring and autumn keeps sufficiently warm in addition, he has also a good pack size.