Sleeping Bags

The best recommendation I can give you is: choose a good sleeping bag. There are many models and different colors.

In fact, when it comes to equipment for the road, it is advisable to think about quality. After all, it’s not nice to be in the middle of the field with a backpack strap caved in or realize that the sole of the boot has taken off. Quality means security.

The good sleeping bags are graded by ability to warm the body with external temperatures can be below -30° C to the Camino de Santiago, buy a let you warm with an external temperature of-5° C if you go on a pilgrimage in the colder months. Once in a while it’s interesting to leave it to dry during the day. Open the bag as you can and leave it in the Sun to remove any odor and leave the fibers that make up the relaxed material.

Nowadays, you can find very light sleeping bags. Depending on the material and the temperature range, they can weigh from 700 grams to 1.5 kilo.

Besides the obvious function to keep you warm, the sleeping bag offers so that you do not lie directly on the sheet (or mattress) from the hostel. In most of them there’s no way of knowing if there is proper hygiene.

If the bag has an extension to cover the head, you should use it for not having direct contact with the pillow from the hostel. The principle is a bit hard to find the ideal position but soon you get the trick of it.

Some models can be purchased at par, you can unite them and form a “double bed”. Stay tuned for that in the store, you provide a bag for the left side and one for the right side, if your interested.

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