Sony Xperia Z2: Sony Releases List Price

The Japanese manufacturer Sony has now announced the price of the Xperia Z2. The flagship model of the company is therefore sold at the price of 680 euros in Germany. This corresponds to an adjustment of the previously known price of 80 euros.

The new Xperia Z2 to the price of 679 euros in three different colors offered on the official website by Sony. Sony also provides the option of a pre-registration in Vista, where interested customers are automatically used in knowledge as soon as the Sony Xperia Z2 for sale is available. Many well-known online stores, such as for example Amazon, yet the price of Sony have not been processed and offer the Xperia Z2 to the part for less than 600 euros. In Whereversmartphone, you can pre-order the Sony Smartphone for example for 599 euro.

Market launch is expected to close in April 2014

Customers who have already decided on the Sony website for orders of the Xperia Z2, will get the model for the old price. From mid April 2014, the Xperia Z2 will probably come on the market. Sony did not confirm an exact date us on request. The fact is, however, that moves the market launch of the Xperia Z2. Actually, this should be this month, to act as possible ahead of the competitors Samsung and HTC. In April, Galaxy S5 will appear that also the new HTC one in addition to the Samsung.