Special Evening Edition: HEbyMango Seems to Want Coal to These Christmas

Approaching the Christmas and as any firm that boasts, the male line of Mango He brings his particular style of dress for the next Parties. Under the heading ‘ Special Evening Edition´ presents a brief campaign which advocates a style with trousers Cowboy and the American as protagonists.

If a few weeks ago its Lookbook for November We left with a bittersweet taste, with this new campaign, Mango their negative streak continues and ends up disappointing the Knight. Is perhaps exaggerating, so it is best that we talk about bliss campaign and tell me if I have or not reason…

The campaign opens with Gerard Piqué and an invitation to a more relaxed attire. ‘ Informal becomes trend. A more relaxed holiday where the Americans are mixed with the denim´, is prayed on the image of the footballer.

If one pass the cursor over the clothes you saw Gerard Piqué, We can access more detailed information of the signature proposals. On these lines, we have one American Velvet (€50) and a Shirt White with black knobs (€46).

If we continue exploring the cursor, trousers shown us jeans (50€), a tie Black (20€) and a shoes also of the same color (€80). A final package that I would not recommend to any party and I explain because:

Seems very correct that Mango bet by relaxed looks, not everything is going to be Protocol y formality. The problem is that these looks often come very close to the line between the sophistication and the tacky, and in this case the shooting has left the second option.

In the look that shows Mr Pique, has opted for stylish clothes as one jacket Velvet, a tie and a few shoes. All of them in black, the color more elegant According to Protocol. For what? Combined with some jeans, quintessential casual pants.

Seen in this way, it seems that the equation is perfect:

Elegant garments + informal clothes = ideal relaxed look

Not really. For my taste, the result has been equal to look tacky and little proper. My opinion is that if you want a relaxed look, there are American other (and Brown and grey) tones woven Tweed in which you’ll find a perfect balance and that Jezebel men we show almost every day.

Another thing I’ve been seeing for some time in Mango and I do not understand is the bad definition given to their shoes. The shoes We have left, are not type oxford (as so called Web) but Blücher. An example of the above shoes Oxford can be found on the right side of the image, these specifically belong to Lottusse.

If you look, the main difference lies in where blades are attached the laces. The Blücher are above the front of the shoe and in the oxford they do below.

If we continue to make progress in the brief campaign, We came across another set which finally finish the job. On this occasion, to make bigger contrast elegancia-informality we have chosen ones jeans worn and a boots Black.

I come back to affect this, mix one bow tie with a few jeans broken not going to become more sophisticated and modern of the night man.

Not everything is bad and now we recommend Yes rightly a costume Black with accessories in the same color for the most important and formal occasions. It is true that this look can seem plain and boring, but according to the Protocol English is appropriate to dress in evening parties.

Finally, the campaign ends with a line of Add-ins black and a brief but also successful Council to choose tie.

You have possibly exaggerated, but my impression is that HEbyMango brought to this campaign the sleeve images with little success, which had been used previously to make matters worse, recycling.

This bothers me because all are known the incredible campaigns which you can see in the female plot, and above all, because the own male line has more interesting items that can get you out.

Finally, we hope that with the arrival of the new year and the recent signing of Andrés Velencoso get better times for HEbyMango.