Step by Step How to Decorate Nails Easy Home

Since invented nails decorated they never went out of fashion. Who likes, can not do without decorating, walk with painted nails just gives the impression that we are naked.

But not always have time to get a manicure, or you can not spend, or even want to do a different design, try new things, and nothing better than ourselves do.

So today’s post is to give a step by step how to decorate nails, I will give some models with levels of difficulty and different techniques, so it will not matter if you are a beginner or if you are already a professional, you’ll certainly find a step the ideal step for you. The video tutorial is available at

How to Decorate Nails Step by Step for Beginners

Let’s start with a beautiful and simple watermelon:

  1. Con e Kutile Unhs Us;
  2. Apply the base for your type;
  3. Apply a wide open red enamel, the color of the same watermelon;
  4. Make a white french tip and thick;
  5. At the edge of francesinha make another layer with green enamel, leaving a white stripe;
  6. In the red part, do lying close to the black dots white stripe;
  7. Apply top coat or extra shine.

Ready your nail art watermelon, beautiful and easy.

How to Decorate Nails Step by Step in the Milk Box

This type of decoration is a little easier to direct the nail, but the design has to be done by you. Let’s another easy example, but I will give step by step how to do the sticker on the carton of milk from the beginning and how to apply:

  1. Open the milk box, since the adhesive is done within;
  2. Make squares in measuring 1.5cm x 1.5cm (give preference already let a template ready for a thicker paper, cardboard or even on a milk carton);
  3. Apply the base on each small square;
  4. After drying start decorating;
  5. With the toothpick tip make two balls one side to the other and pull down to form a heart;
  6. On the heart make a little flower;
  7. Apply a layer of top coat or extra glow on each small square decorated;
  8. Wait dry;
  9. Applying a base coat on the nail;
  10. With the help of tweezers, remove the small square sticker and place on the nail in the position you want;
  11. Press and arrange the corners;
  12. Remove the excess;
  13. Pass a new layer of top coat.

How to Decorate Nails Step by Step – French

The French nails are not those same of old, simple, only with a white faixinha. A beautiful decoration of French is to put a bow on it, you can buy the accessory or cause the enamel itself:

  1. Apply a base layer;
  2. Make white French nails;
  3. Apply a black stripe at the beginning;
  4. Put a stone or enamel tinge of silver on the black stripe;
  5. With the toothpick, make two triangles starting from silver ball.

Ready your decorated French nails.