Stickers for Children’s Room: Where to Buy, Models

The adhesive is a playful and beautiful option to renew the children’s room decor.

The children’s room need to be decorated with delicacy, taste and creativity. Parents should think of the combination of the colors, the furniture more suitable for space and accessories that match the child context.

In recent times, the decor has gained new ares thanks to wall stickers. These items make the environment more fun, colorful and customized.

Models and where to buy

Check out some online shops that sell stickers for children’s room from

Adesivoweb store has adhesive options for all tastes. Among the designs that are more successful, it is worth highlighting the dinosaurs, toys, butterflies, cars, birds, Spider-man and Disney Princesses. On purchases above R$49,90, the shipping is free.

The virtual store Attached is one of the leading resellers of children’s stickers from Brazil. The pieces available for sale value different thematic, like Safari, circus, Bear, transit, butterflies, ballerina, Princess carriage, football, among others. The prices vary from R$48,90 to R$299,90.

The site BemColar offers an extensive range of wall stickers for children’s room. There are patterns of little angels, owls, nature, Ocean, cars and bears. The shop also sells gorgeous decorative borders.

The Stickado site has several options for creative stickers to decorate the room of a child. The stock includes the seabed, Abstract Points, Rainbow, little farm, Flowers, Surf, among many others. Shipping is free on purchases above R$140,00.

How to choose children’s wall sticker?

Consider the following statements at the time of Choosing children’s wall stickers:

  • The wall sticker must enhance any drawing that the child likes.

The adhesive is a creative way to highlight the theme of the room decor

Cartoon characters and animals are the favorite figures of children.

  • If the small resident’s not old enough to express their tastes, so it is up to the parents to set the best drawings to illustrate the walls. Stars, butterflies, transport, fairies and hearts are a few options that never go out of fashion.
  • Decorating with stickers on the children’s room is interesting because the colored pictures improve the cognitive ability of the small resident.
  • The adhesive is much more practical and easy to use than the traditional wallpaper.