Strategic Locations For Fishing

It is a proven fact for many years that the fisherman who has largest number of information and knowledge about all the key aspects about the fishing, is without a doubt which best party will capture productivity. That’s why I decided to this article prove you that way I decide if I’m ready to throw my hook at a site determined or not, since I consider this aspect which is essential to success on the day of fishing.

I want to focus this time on fresh water (River), River fishing is the favorite of many colleagues who are new to this activity since they live in a country or geographical area that by being in the Centre of continents does not allow to develop sea- fishing . Do then what you believe that it is precisely those places where the largest number of fish are concentrated in the habitat that you decided for fishing that day?. I’m going to list the strategic location for fishing, pay attention…:

1) piers or docks: this area is a favorite of many species especially if remains of boats or a ship sunk in the area, medium-sized are. The remains of these planks swim with confidence species to be able to shelter from larger predators, which by the way around quite frequently these sites. Therefore the fishing becomes in this area as something almost imminent.

(2) weeds or broad-leaved vegetation: here also becomes a haven for the fishing, although often something annoying is having to throw hooks up this vegetation because it can be locked easily, but it is necessary that you seek the way to do it because the fishing becomes a very fruitful in this area that I am describing. It is important that you find visually any place that describe you this vegetation in dam or river you decide to go.

3) horsetail: this user ID is given to the vegetation of thin branches and that it protrudes much above the level of the water, is easy location of a visual and an excellent habitat for fish such as the sunfish. Here in this area of lush vegetation, your lance is not exactly on the top of it, because but not reach water bait, must try to skirt with your shots throughout this area of abundant ponytail; and you’ll notice quite often your screenshots on this site of fishing will triple. I recommend here thus carry out the Cork, fishing bait will be suspended in mid-water, hook lock is less and the fish will have greater visibility to feed.

4) Palisades or fallen trees: here friend mine (a) believe me, that is of the most important areas where even of that area’s largest predators. When you arrive at the dam or Lake that you decided to carry out fishing that day, you have to concentrate on finding the place where more dry sticks are above the surface, these trunks under the water act as natural caves for fish such as trout, tilapia, tents; It is in this area should be to spend your artificial as closely as possible and I assure you that you are going to notice that bites in that area will have much more often and you’ll delight with this type of fishing.

5) leaves in water lilies: when notes on the surface of water Lillies floating leaves, also you must stop and start to make your sets there. Under this ecosystem hundreds of fish shelter waiting for food that attack frequently on the surface, therefore I would recommend that you use up to the technique of fishing fly in this area.

6) area of leafy trees: these specific sites serve as refuge to many species of freshwater which are quite sensitive to sunlight, then seek the shade of leafy trees to shelter until the Sun a bit low its intensity. It is very effective approach to your fishing to that place and will be very possible that you take prize any more than 4lb trout.

Good with these 6 strategic locations I conclude this first part of the article, you must be careful because in a few days I’ll be posting the second part. I want to tell me if you was helpful and that you ended up to explain, and also put into practice fishing in some of these strategic places that you mentioned above and tell me the results that you got, I am sure that they will be positive.