Style Tips for Wearing Shorts

How do you wear shorts in the best way? How short shorts can be? What should you consider based on body shape and length? Is it possible to be well dressed and semesterklädd at the same time?

Here are my best style advice regarding shorts:

* Regardless of your body shape: avoid shorts with pockets on the sides or at the tail end to avoid building volume on the thighs, hips and buttocks.

* Let the shorts be as simple as possible in the cut to create a slimmer silhouette.

* Are you a card (in 165 cm)? Avoid knee-length shorts models. It makes you shorter.

* The length of the shorts is a difficult question, but in general I would recommend a mid-thigh length.

* For a stylish impression: never combine shorts with tank tops that are too thin shoulder straps, where both BRA, cleavage and too much skin shown.

* Avoid shorts at work, it is considered incivility, especially if you work in an Office environment.

Today’s outfits is inspired on more well-dressed combinations that works whether you’re going to the beach, into the restaurant or to the city center and shopping. I would also like to strike a blow for jumpsuiten, a wonderful garments where you have all in one, try it!

For lunch, I present this summer’s best Maxi dresses/skirts which is a perfect alternative to shorts!