Style with Women Military Jackets

After the bib and the Adidas superstar, the column “worth seeing again” today brings another hit of the 90s: the military jackets. Who won’t like the flagship jacket? At that time they were both in modeling and in length, and generally were lighter or faded jeans. You can wear with everything, as the jackets were versatile and modern.

Women's Military Jackets

Over time, they fell into disuse but jeans are jeans and always end up coming back in a new way. And the jackets hitched a ride on the hit of jeans and shirts again found their “place in the sun.”

Needless to say how easy it is to combine jeans because this is undoubtedly the easiest combination to do, do not even understand fashion.

Bet on the military jacket to give a more modern feel and the urban sober looks.

For the romantic touch, you can match the denim jacket with fluffy dresses or blouses, to break the air as “little girl.”

The combination with dress or monkey also leaves his jacket ready to party, just put a jump and carry accessories from!

Another cool tip, which appeared in this post here, is to combine the denim jacket with leather, either in pants or blouse. The two are a perfect match for this winter, bet!

Can we pair jeans with jeans? Of course you can! Enjoy different shades of washing, leaving the outfit even more modern.

It’s hard to choose from so many choices! When in doubt, choose one for each day.