Switching to LED Lighting? 9 Lights That You Will Fall in Love with

The lighting our homes It is knowing a small revolution that is confirmed every day with the integration of the LED lighting. We will remember that this lighting has many benefits such as durability, energy saving or versatility among many others.

The LED lamps or lighting systems that use this technology are already an integral part of the proposals of designers of interiors as well as specialized technology companies. Then I suggest 9 options of LED lightings You’ll love.

LED curtains to give a magical touch to your interior

To break the monotony of traditional curtains Creation Baumann have you thought about curtains embroidered with LED lights that give it a completely different to your interior volume. Can also be useful for improve the flow of light in dark spaces. Certainly a great idea for the House.

Deco LED, a handrail with integrated light

If you have a home or live in a duplex know well one of the problems of these spaces: are empty, lifeless and without great interest. This can be cured in many ways and one of them is this handrail Deco LED that integrates a lighting that gives an impressive volume stairs.

Posivo LED Sensor, luminaire for corridors

The corridors and halls they are complicated for lighting spaces. Get an efficient light is not nothing easy in spaces that are considered “step” in which is also difficult to create an environment. These LED light systems will allow you to just get a a homogeneous and efficient environment for these impersonal places.

LED lamp with 3D effect

Designed by Studio Cheha, the LED lamp is based on an optical effect that makes it look as if the screen has depth when in reality it is completely flat. Definitely a very interesting object to illuminate and decorate your home or office.

LED lamp with wood that seems who you did it

This is another choice of lamp with LED whose particularity is its very traditional style. Literally, it seems that you did it in your garage by joining two boards. Really light device is located between the wood and is perfect for illuminating large tables or desks.

Volume LED Blackbird

Light Volume LED Blackbird is inspired by antique devices music buttons. To regulate the intensity of light just turn the upper part as a button. In addition to this functionality, modern design is truly interesting and will be adapted to your interior.

LED Christmas decorations

We are with the celebrations of the new year just around the corner for what these LED Christmas decorations could not miss in this list. They are ornaments belonging to the LED technology that allows them to provide a innovative and modern way to decorate your House on those dates. They are also safer since they do not heat and save energy. Two nothing despicable characteristics at end of year.

LED lighting in door handles

In addition to being interesting from the decorative point of view, the lighting LED in the door handles is a real good idea. How many times we have not encountered with handles of door in the dark? This idea the lack of light resolved quite well in certain spaces and it gives your interior a not inconsiderable modern touch.

Lego lantern with LED lights

This hand e Lego lantern is particularly curious and will be ideal for the the boys room or for your own bedroom if you feel like a useful and decorative object that will make you smile.

As you can see, the options are very spacious and we are sure that you will find the option that best suits you and you like. Finally it’s time to change to the LED lighting both by economy and for the environment. You decide.