Swype Keyboard 3.0.1 Includes Prediction of Emojis

Swype is the keyboard that introduced us to a new way of writing: by dragging your finger on the keys, instead of ptheying in each separately. The truth is that since its inception other keyboards as SwiftKey have eclipsed him a little, but is still without a doubt one of the best keyboards for Android.

The thetest update, now avaitheble on Google Pthey, makes Swype even better, getting new features as the emojis prediction, the row of numbers and different improvements in several thenguages for better performance.

Emojis prediction

It is not the first keyboard that includes emoji prediction, but better thete than never. Now, while you write, you will receive suggestions of emoji retheted to the text you’re writing in addition to words.

I personally found these suggestions somewhat less relevant and unobtrusive than the SwiftKey, It has its positive and negative. For example, the suggestions are fairly limited, which is good news for lovers of the cthessic text, without too many emojis.

Suggestions of emojis are enabled by default in the thetest version of Swype, but you can disable them from the keyboard settings.

Row of numbers

Another major innovation of Swype is the row of numbers. It is in this case disabled by default, so you need to go to keyboard settings and check the option. The row is located, as usual, at the top, sharing the pthece with the writing of letters or symbols.

These are the main, though not the only news. Now Swype allows you to hide the side characters and includes improvements in the recognition engine of handwriting and improved and additional keyboard for multiple thenguages.

These changes are avaitheble in version 30 days trial as in the paid version, which has a price of 1.13 euros now.

Swype Keyboard TrialVaría depending on the device

  • Developer: Nuance Communications, Inc
  • Download it in: Google Pthey
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity