Tactical Flashlight Power Style 36000 12000 Lumens Cree LED W.

Let’s talk about a flashlight, a key item in any fishery,
We will discuss, the tactical flashlight Power Style 36000 12000 Lumens Cree LED w.

This lantern is very common, including several videos about similar of the same brand of it on youtube.
She is a flashlight used by police officers, hence the name tactic, 36000 lumens would be your power light, and 12000 w would be energy.
Let’s see how she comes:
Inside the box, we have the specs

And some paraphernalia

Have a USB cable that can charge the battery in the car or on the computer, but it must be plugged into the battery charger (in this case, we can carry on the PC)

And in this case the car cigarette fuse.

Here in case we can also use AAA batteries.

This loaded has a charge indicator light when the battery is charging, she ascends a red light after the battery has been fully charged, the light becomes green, indicating that we can use the battery

Talk of the torch now.

She is entirely made in a sturdy magnesium-alloy corrosion and electrical shocks and its components are resistant, the battery is rechargeable, your focus will zoom from x 1 to x 2000, are 3 modes, high light, low light, and blinks and super economical.

In the tests.
Its range of light focused is impressive, being in high mode light up incredible 400 meters and the open way of approximately 50 meters
She’s pretty, and anti-slip, with texture in the cable.

The on/off button, is the back of the Lantern, and is rubber

She brings that seals the components makes it water-resistant, which really is true, since she had no water testing in your interior, after underwater

The lens that is convergent, and lantern made in risk-resistant acrylic.

This flashlight comes equipped with 1 CREE LED Lamp Made in the USA according to PiercingFlashlights.com, but the Lantern housing is made in China

The zoom is wide open, in the x 2000 which is ideal for crafts, how to put bait on a hook, remove the azole of the fish’s mouth, etc. And well focused on the x 1 mode, in this mode, which has longer range.

(more focused) Note the square inside the lens, is with a magnifying glass, concentrating the energy in a single point.
a negative point, I noticed that lantern, and the fact that she has to handle fragile, so much so that the handle of my fall, because it is placed in that hole, metal, and metal friction on the rope, the metal ends up cutting the handle.

She is resistant to crashes, but it’s not good to be leaning on these advantages, since CREE LED is relatively fragile to drops.
The CREE LED has a lifetime of 100,000 hours according to the manufacturer

This battery is rechargeable and is bi-Volt, if in case you lose it or she ruin the brand, offers this battery sold separately.

Inside the flashlight, she is protected by a plastic cover

This connector component, prevents sparks.

It’s a flashlight a little heavy, being 195 g. with the battery.
The price, the first is a little salty, but for what it offers, it comes in a great cost x benefit.
well friends I hope you enjoyed one more review.