Tele-Shopping on Overtime in the Night

A number of telecommunications stores the country complies with the midnight hour in the night, to sell the iPhone 5 right when the clock passed midnight.

Our site has spent the day in, following the interest in iPhone 5 that just now has made that several thousand people all over the country are sitting in the queue in front of “their” tele-shop.

It has also meant that the employees in the stores all over the country have called on overtime.

When the first iPhone came in Denmark back in 2008 it was only our site, which sold it, and they had only open in the store on Strøget and in Aarhus. Since then, all of the major telecommunications companies received the popular phone on the shelves, which have not made interest less.

Several thousands of Danes queued just stands around the country – TDC is the only telecommunications company, who have not chosen to keep the evening opening.

Our site’s shop on Strøget in Copenhagen have called the whole 39 sellers at work, even if it is out of normal working hours. But they stand ready to sell hundreds of iPhone 5 phones for the people who have used more or less throughout the day and evening to stand in line.

Throughout the evening, there have been party atmosphere in and around the shops around the country.