The 5 Most Common Mistakes that You Make Makeup

Cheap Jerseys from china The 5 most common mistakes you make on makeup!

In a more elaborate makeup is not easy, but do a basic simple make especially with the flood of information we teach in the blog, and the endless videos that can be found with various Web techniques tutorials automaquilagem for beginners are currently easier doesn’t it?

But who missed makeup cast the first stone, and over time and some tips that we’re getting there or here we go in improving and learning not to commit so many errors in makeup. Today we separate the 5 most common mistakes that most women make when doing a automaquilagem, and we will not just point out the mistakes like we will also help solve the problem. Check out.

1 – APPLYING BASE and CORRECTION with oily skin

With the rush of everyday life for much of the time we just not cleaning properly the skin before starting a makeup. Pass base, Concealer or even a simple primer in a skin does not clear properly in addition to increase the shine and oiliness of the skin may gradually go plugging the pores with residue of goods.

For so before your make sure to clean the skin with SOAP suitable for your skin type, facial SOAP, then use a facial tonic all over your face and moisturize the skin after receiving the other makeup products. This step will make all the difference in the final result and durability of your make.


There’s no anger greater than realizing that sinned by excess of blush and ended up passing him in the wrong parts, that’s because after skin ready, and have applied the blush has no way to remove because the product is stuck in your base.

This error occurs when you usapincéis too big, you know those round and cuddly and cozy? This type of brush must be used only for powder. Otherwise, fill a grid area of your face.
Not to miss the maismeça brush that you’ll buy on your Apple. He should fit in this circumference so that you have total control of the situation.


Hit the stroke of eyeliner is not something very easy, especially when you rush the stroke is always different. The error is trying to fix the trait was not symmetrical biphasic comdemaquilante usandocotonete.
Understand that abase the oily makeup remover will not let you put another layer of color over it. Namely: eyeliner “no take” more. Did you understand?

Calm down! can you solve the problem of the wrong eyeliner dash of simple and easy, just wet cotton swab on the tip of your tongue and take gently with saliva. Of course this procedure you do in you, never in a friend or client. In the case of a professional makeup artist chooses to remove the trace of the wrong eyeliner using oscotonetes filled with makeup remover. Here at you can get more makeup skills. This solves the problem!

4-FORGET to hide the BASE LINE, leaving the FACE LIGHTER THAN your neck.

Suddenly you realise that hit the make, made a divine skin, razed in the shadows the mouth was powerful and the blush beauty your further pointed out, only that it was enough if you look in the mirror to notice that the jaw line and the side of the forehead are darker or lighter than the rest of your body. This is a fairly common mistake done by the celebrities appear Sin several times with this classic mistake of makeup.
To solve the problem of difference of tone just test the basis of the back of the hands. First test the color that you want to buy. That way, you can match the hue of the body and the face. So you don’t miss more, see how easy it is?


We all know that lipstick mate are favourites of classical women, and those who do not like to venture into the more gooey or wet lips, just that many women end up committing a grotesque error and silly at the same time to apply your favorite lipstick lips , and at the end of the make begins to realize who matte lipstick started to crumble and mark the skin is peeled off after some time.

To resolve this error when passing the basic lipsticks too dry or dehydrated lips mate liquids. Keep in mind that as well as the skin needs to be ready and clean and moisturized lips also need to be moisturized before you apply makeup.

For so always leave a super moisturizing lip balm around all the time, especially whenever you get out of the shower and just remove excess at the moment is apply the lipstick. That way your lips will stay hydrated and super powerful!