The CEO of LG Also Says Goodbye, Smartphones Are to Blame

It will not only be Nokia that sustain the competitiveness of the world’s Smartphones, now comes the turn to LG, a company in which the mobile phone business is too important and cannot afford to continue losing comba.

From October 1, the current LG CEO Yong Nam, will leave at the hands of the head of LG International, Koo bon-joon, who is also a member of the founding family of the company. Yong takes almost 4 years in office and in your hands has managed to rise to third in the world ranking in sales of mobile phones.

In the curriculum of the new CEO, despite entering with “ plug ”, we find that it has been leader in recent years one of the most profitable sections of the Korean firm, we speak of LG Display, number one worldwide in the creation of LCD panels.

The speed at the time of decision responds to the need to prepare the year that comes with guarantees, and it is the fact of unsupported Android of the same forms that they have made others like Samsung, HTC and Motorola It has made them lag behind in sales and experience with Google’s operating system.

Presumably the bet by the family of devices Optimus with next-generation Smartphones, and the appearance of Windows Phone 7 on the market will help to improve the situation of LG in the world of Smartphones, market where LG has failed to place any terminal that exceeds one million units sold.