The Components of The IPhone 4 Cost Amounts to 188 Dollars, According to ISuppli

Important phone number that appear on the market, phone the guys from iSuppli They shred which shopping list. On this occasion the iPhone 4 16GB version through this unique test.

It is interesting to review the list of components to know in which prices move, what is the most expensive and somehow determine what the cost of the phone, and therefore the possible profit margin with which Apple plays. For now we inform you that the joint estimated cost of components is about 188 USD.

We speak of almost $10 more than the estimate in 2009 for a 3 g iPhone, but $30 less that that there were parts of an original iPhone in 2007. The reality is that the guys at Cupertino play always in similar quantities, currently the price of a 3 g iPhone components has fallen to 134 dollars.

As well informed us our colleague Martín Más at the autopsy to a Nexus One, the quantities were 174.15 dollars, or the most expensive group Motorola Droid at 187.75 dollars.

No surprise to see how the IPS screen of 3.5 inches, baptized as Retina Display, is the most expensive item in the array, with a cost of 28.50 dollars, and is manufactured by LG-Philips.

Following with the list we find to the SoC (System on chip) designed by Apple and baptized as A4, with a cost of 10.75 dollars. The storage memory is also well rated, are $27 for their 16GB.

The module of 5 megapixel camera that is causing as good print media remains in only 9.75 dollars. We have new additions on the iPhone 4 as the gyroscope, that lead to the ideal features for video game system by just 2.60 dollars, is developed by STMicroelectronics. The accelerometer is even cheaper, just 0.65 dollars.

We are going to see a table where all the data are collected:

iPhone, a profitable business

Is obviously not taking into account in the final number, concepts such as labor to pay the boys of Foxconn, the added development of software, marketing, taxes, distribution, and all costs which would result in a product with these characteristics.

If we go to the street, specifically to the United States, iPhone 4 16 GB is selling for $199 with a two year contract with AT & T, If we take into account that it is a subsidized price and that somehow we will pay over the months, it seems that the business can be very profitable.

If we go to the free sale of the terminal, which is estimated about $600, I believe that the profit margin is still more important. With 1.7 million units sold in three days, the coffers of the Cupertino will be filling at a good pace.