The Experience Be Affected Pixel Now That Google Has to Go through The Ring of Operators?

When Google announced that January 5, 2010 the first Nexus, the Nexus One, presented it as complete and pure experience of Android, without any bloatware of manufacturers or operators, and of course with direct and fast updates of Google. All this was maintained during the six years that has lasted the Nexus range, but with the new mobile Pixel have soared all alerts that this has changed.

Yesterday we met that operators that subsidize the Pixel may install their own applications and that Google updates must pass before the operator would happened Google through the hoop of the operators? Will be affected for the updates and the experience of the Pixel? Let’s go by parts.

Operators Bloatware?

Verizon has confirmed that its Pixel will include their applications, but the good news is that these applications will not come factory, they will be downloaded from Google Play and the user can uninstall completely as any other downloaded applications.

The Pixel will detect that you have tucked a Verizon SIM to download applications from the operator. The applications that will download the Pixel with a Verizon SIM are * My Verizon, Go90, VZ Messages along with Allo, Duo, Android Pay, Docs, and Google Keep applications. All will be from Google Play, and surely this also happens with the free Pixel purchased from Google Store or other stores. To detect the operator you can install your applications.

All of this is not new, it was already happening with the Nexus. Since Android Lollipop factory bloatware been avoided thanks to the Virtual Preload (VPL) to add the automatic self-installations operators applications from Google Play. For example the Nexus 6 T-Mobile already installed automatically some applications of the operator. That Yes, it is assumed that during the device configuration wizard There will be an option to prevent the download of applications of the operator.


Regarding the Google Pixel updates, already know that OTA must undergo before approval of the operators, but This does not mean that the Pixel subsidized or financed by an operator will update much later or to never do so. The operators want to verify that the new version of Android does not negatively affect their networks. Here only Google will have to have the approval of operators before you begin to update your Pixel.

This is also something that already happened before with the Nexus. For example in Europe, Vodafone had the exclusive of the Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, and these devices updated about two weeks later than their American versions. And it is also possible that has also been going with the latest Nexus and not we have heard, that on more than one occasion more than one operator has revealed the exact release of an update to the Nexus date, so it is possible that the operators already had access to the update days earlier to check that everything works correctly with their networks.

Has it gone through the Google ring operators?

It seems that not more than with the Nexus, but will have to wait for the Pixel offered by operators to reach the market to see if they are free or blocked and also updates first wait to see if all updated at the same time or not. Surely all the Pixel will be free and the SIM will already be Manager download applications of the operator on duty, as already happened with the Nexus. And of course, direct updates from Google.