The Ideal Pants for Your Body Type

As it is: the pants have a high waist, it is just up to the knee and it opens towards the bar. It is a current version of the pant, but more dry.

In the body: the model usually lengthens and balances the silhouette, in addition to let the waist more define. The flare pants are a good choice for girls with wide hips as it helps to balance the proportions.


As it is: the model has the length at the height of the cinnamon. The bar can be folded to achieve this effect.

In the body: cropped pants usually “cut” the silhouette and pass the image of a person more shallow. So when it comes to wearing, the accessories and the cut are very important: choose the heel shoes that leave the instep free to stretch, and invest in the straight models if you have a wide hip.


As it is: the shape is a bit wide and the hook is lower. It’s those women’s pants that seem to have been stolen from the men’s closet.

In the body: because they have a wide format, they usually increase the volume of the legs and hips, so it is worth avoiding the piece if you do not want to highlight the region.


As it is: the model resembles the pants worn by the odalisques, because it has a marked waist, large hips and legs, and tapers at the ankle.

On the body: they give more volume and are ideal for those who have very thin legs and narrow hip. The chubby ones should invest in lightweight models if they want to bet on the piece.


As it is: the pants have high waist and is well fluid in length. The model can be straight and wide or more loose at the hip and widening to the bar.

In the body: the wider bar helps to balance the proportions of the body, especially for those who have wide hips.


As it is: Unlike the pantalona, ​​the skinny is very tight in the body, from the hip to the bar, and is made in jeans.

In the body: because they are one of the most democratic pants, there are not many “rules” to use them. If you have a large hip or chubby, and bother with the fair play, combine with longer ones – such as blazer, t-shrits and shirts.


As it is: they are pants with wide and large side pockets. The most current version is very tight to the body.

In the body: the larger pockets can give more volume to the region, it is worth keeping an eye. Shorter girls should give preference to heeled shoes or that leave the instep free to lengthen the silhouette.

So, What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Pants?