The Jailbreak for IOS 5.1 Is Now Available, But Not for The IPhone 4S and 2 IPad

The jailbreak are always a matter of time, although it must be recognized that the latter has been really fast. The iPhone Dev-Team has already launched relevant tools so we can run signed code on our iDevice with IOS 5.1, version which as you know yesterday was released along with the announcement of the new iPad.

Good news for lovers of Cydia and company. However this jailbreak has at the moment two limitations. On the one hand is tethered, IE: when we reboot our device, we will have to re-do the process, although it is true that it is less heavy than the first time we do this, but it should be done.

We found the second problem in the hardware. At the moment the jailbreak It is only compatible for devices with A4 processor. I.e. iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the new iPad are off the list. However, sooner or later sure that reach the rest models, the community in this regard proved to always do a great job.

In addition, this jailbreak introduces a restriction that perhaps for some is problem: iBooks will not work in this version or in the next updates that are made through redsn0w. If you have a special interest in jailbreak now, but don’t forget these three issues.