The New Range Aquaris U Bq, or How Retrieve The Budgets of $ 200

BQ is not one manufacturer of more. In fact, possibly the manufacturer of Spanish smartphones more success has had on the entire history of the Android platform, and as such, we always try to follow in his footsteps closely.

After a few bad old quarters, this morning the Spanish firm presented its new range BQ Aquaris U in an event to which we have gone live. There, have been able to know first hand to three new smartphones BQ – the Aquaris U Lite, Aquaris U-Aquaris U Plus, that manufacturer based in Las Rozas de Madrid will try to recover back to its most faithful audience, that seeks to compensated very content-priced smartphones.

In fact, the guys from BQ they retrieve the way more success has brought them to date, with three new smartphones that, improving where users reported more complaints, are placed below 200 euros to better compete in the cheaper range of the Android catalog.

Probably guess BQ with this movement, leaving more cutting-edge specifications and details more skilled workers who would surely rise the price as is the case with the range Aquaris M, a series of attractive smartphones but who for one reason or another not just Jell in the market.

What is the new focus of BQ? Less demanding users looking for an experienced veterinarian without spending too much, or what is the same, the regulars of the Spanish firm who also want that added that implies technical service in Spain of BQ.

BQ change strategy after an Aquaris M range which not gelled surely by the rise of prices, recovering back pockets with budget of 200 euros which are which have brought more success in them

BQ Aquaris U, the appeal without dressing

They do not offer too many boasting none of the three models in the range BQ Aquaris U, that you have all the details on this same link.

BQ has wanted to bring to the market the best smartphones that can manufacture below 200 euros, improving materials already in economic range and betting in a way clear by metal and a novel Dinorex Crystal, coming to eat part of the cake of Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail.

Proven efficiency chipsets such as the Snapdragon 425 and 430 of Qualcomm will encourage a panel on three models of 5 inches and HD resolution 720 p, demure but chord, and that will bring good experience without greater numbers and high power SoCs.

The 3.080 mAh battery It is also a good thing for smartphones of content size, which are basically different chipset Snapdragon 425 Lite model, the memory configuration, cameras and a fingerprint reader that comes to the Plus model with its fully aluminum casing.

They are three smartphones seeking the appeal without fanfare, that they want to convince without stress to leave its price such attractive values as the BQ announced:

  • BQ Aquaris U Lite, available before the Christmas season by 139.90 EUR
  • BQ Aquaris U, available on Friday 30/09 by 169.90 EUR
  • BQ Aquaris U Plus, available on Friday 30/09 in black and with 2GB / 16GB by 199.90 EUR, later in gold and in versions of 3GB / 32GB for about 20 or 30 euros more

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A step back to take momentum

After venturing more pretentious smartphones, the truth is that BQ too well not has done when he has wanted to raise price and specifications the terminals, by what his new strategy with the range Aquaris U could reportale again a good level of sales to take impulse.

We already know that the high range is a reserved field, and compete there is a reckless given the high costs and the impact that have the markings of the giants of the industry.

Moreover, middle range and mid/high range are increasingly tight with smartphones offering for 300 or 400 euros a user experience similar to the best smartphones on the market, so that Enter here to compete with Chinese manufacturers as Huawei, Honor, Oppo or the own Xiaomi is also extremely difficult.

Perhaps many look them so step back Bq, but surely the return to the origins with focus on cheaper smartphones is the most successful to return to the path of success and win time, while the guys at the Spanish firm study the way to attack the more complicated part of Android, where is the so-called ‘super middle range’.

It has not been easy the last year for BQ, with the turbulent situation with employees or terminals that have not finished boot on the market, but seem to have very clear as a return to positive news in Madrid, and we are happy to see that a Spanish manufacturer is able to compete well in the complicated world of smartphones.

The market will issue a ruling, but These Aquaris U are running back to catch impulse. And you, do new BQ smartphones appear?

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