The Operators and Their Continuous Billing Errors

We have already spoken several times of bad customer service that usually tend to the mobile operators and are as often we say, the rates or the mobile “free” it all when choosing an operator. Although in principle should not be a point to note, lately some operators billing errors they begin to be a problem for several reasons.

Errors in the implementation of promotions, activations of unsolicited services, discounts that do not directly apply or fees erroneously charged because the system seems to him from time to time pricing as if a number of an operator that is not or as if it does not fit into the contract bonus (style “flat rates” or fees that you pay only the first minute).

For starters, one of the problems is that to many are unaware of the rate you have contracted, many others not directly reviewed bills (because they should come correct) and just worry about doing so when the Bill comes out than usual but from here we’d warn that due to continuous errors operators tend to have, it is best to keep a constant track and claim any failure.

These controls help us naturally we billed properly but it is also a way of exerting pressure so that operators make a serious attempt to solve their problems. How many more complaints received, before will be forced to make possible because their billing systems to function as it should be.

And is that an erroneous billing not only supposes that we pay more (rarely are wrong on our behalf) if not that also we can harm other reasons:

  • Make us lose a lot of time Since we get in contact with customer service, we go through different departments that we have to explain the situation, try to make us understand and can finally make us the corresponding fertiliser.
  • These errors sometimes involve damages many older misapplication of a rate can do that our consumption rises considerably and then, for avoid possible defaults, operators will cut us line until we advance the allegedly consumed and it is then when we leave uncommunicated by a mistake his until it normalizes the situation (easily 2 or 3 days without power).
  • In the best of cases, will not return us the amount charged by your mistake if not that we they will be discounting it in future invoices. Something that many customers cannot afford since the invoices may be exorbitant.

Have you ever had any experience of this kind? For the good of all,!check your invoices and claims any error!