The Queue for the iPhone 5 Is Launched in Denmark (00.33 a.m. Opd.)

So is the queue for the iPhone 5 started. The starting gun for sales-the early going Bell 00.01 in night.

People have already begun, to stand in the queue for the popular smartphone from Apple.

Our site learns now via Facebook page “iPhone release in Denmark” that shortly before 9 o’clock, sat about seven people in line in front of Our site on Strøget in Copenhagen. This is shortly before noon with two grown people and there are now nine people who just waiting for the Bell will be 00.01.

The queue continues to grow with Our site, which Bell was at 12.28 p.m. 14 iPhone-starved people.

Before the Bell rounded 14 stood there 23 people queued in front of Our site’s store on Strøget.

As Bell rounded 10.00 3-shop on Strøget had also been “visit” of the two, which will be among the first to get their hands on iPhone 5. These were grown for 12 people at 12 noon.

But it is not only in the capital, that there are people who have devoted the day to wait and wait and wait for iPhone 5.

Also in front of 3-shop in Viborg have the first person set itself ready for sale start around midnight.

By Our site appeared the first customer up at 7.30, and can now report that sits two people in the queue and are waiting for iPhone 5.

Updated Bell 14.53: 3 Announces now to our site that there are 16 in the queue in front of the store on Strøget and 9-3 in the queue in front of 3 ‘s shop in Næstved.

Updated Bell 15.31: There are now 30 queued in front of 3-store on Strøget.

Updated Bell 18.89: 3 shall communicate to our site, that is also starting to get queue in front of several other stores. In Aarhus is there right now 16 people in the queue.

Updated Bell 16.10: 3 now there are 38 joins queued in front of the store on Strøget in Copenhagen.

Updated Bell 16.17: In front of Our site’s shop on Strøget is now met 34 people up.

Updated 17:00 o’clock: There are now about 40-45 people queued on Strøget in Copenhagen.

Updated 5.15 p.m. o’clock: 3 report that in front of the shop in Aalborg are now 18 people in the queue.In front of 3 ‘s shop in Holbæk, there are “only” 2 persons just now waiting.

Updated Bell 17.22: In front of the country’s telecommunications stores growing queue just now. 3 has just announced that in front of 3-shop on Strøget now is 50 persons in the queue.

Updated Bell No. 17.55: At Our site in Ålborg began the first customers to put up at 13:00.

Updated Bell No. 17.55: 3 in Viborg joins on a four-fold increase of the queue in front of the store.

Updated 6:00 pm o’clock: With 3 in Aarhus, there is the whole 29 persons in the queue.

Updated Bell 18.10: 3-huset in Copenhagen is as high as 60 persons in the queue for the new iPhone.

Updated Bell 18.42: With 3 in Vejle should now sit 5 people in the queue.

Updated Bell 19.06: Phone company 3 has great success with evening openings all over the country, they are reporting now about 37 people queued in front of the store in Ålborg.

Updated Bell 19.08: 3-shop in Odense has also many in attendance for today’s opening event, here sits now 20 in the queue.

Updated Bell 19.57: There are only 8 queued in front of 3 ‘ shop in Aalborg StorCenter.

Updated Bell 20.03: In Aarhus welcomes more and more for iPhone 5, here is now Queued in front of 45 3-shop.

Updated Bell 20.14: In Ålborg large center sits there now 10 queued in front of 3 ‘s store where the iPhone 5 32 GB white already is sold out.

Updated Bell 20.34: Citizens in Vejle is also starting to look forward to the iPhone 5, here is sitting there now in the queue in front of 3-25 store, a forøjelse of 20 people in two hours.

Updated Bell 20.52: Phone company 3 joins now that at their shop in Vejle is met 30 up, 25 persons are greeted by 3-shop on Strøget in Copenhagen and østerbrogade stands there now 85 persons in the queue in front of the 3Huset.

Updated Bell 21.18: Our site joins that now stand around 50 people queued in front of their store on Købmagergade in Copenhagen.

Updated Bell 21.28: By our site shop at Frederik’s Street in Aarhus is also now gathered around 50 people in line.

Updated Bell 22.10: The announcement is now that there are 81 queued in front of 3 ‘s shop in BRUUN’s Galleri in Aarhus and in their store on Strøget in Copenhagen is counting now come up on 90 +.

Updated Bell 22.43: The rain pours down, but who shared coffee with our site on the stroke.

Updated Bell 22.51: There are now 135 total in the queue with our site in Copenhagen, there just waiting for the Bell will be 00.01.
In Odense says about 80 people gathered, to be among the first Danes who gets the iPhone 5 in the hand.

Updated Bell 00.33: The starting gun for the sales start of the iPhone 5 went sounded for half an hour ago. As the clock passed midnight in the Danish country-invited telecommunications companies, at long last, the waiting iPhone fans inside.

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