The Ruby – a Very Special Gem Introduces Itself

The Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones and is also called the “King of gems”

The Ruby is from the Latin word “rubinus” (the Red) stemming from, for thousands of years as particularly precious and valuable. The gemstone is only known since circa 1800 under the name of “Ruby”, previously called him Karfunkelstein. Today, the gem belongs to the family of corundum.

All rotfarbenen forms of corundum – from bright red to dark red – are called rubies; all other shades of corundum are known as sapphires. Painting substance is chrome, with darker characteristics also iron. The color plays a particularly important role in the gem. Pure red and silky soft red rubies are especially popular, as are known to red is a color of love. The Ruby is therefore often as sign of love is giving away and is considered a “Stone of life and love”. In the past the gemstone served also, as protection against the devil before disease and influenza. A more valuable color characteristic is the so-called “pigeon’s blood”-Rubin. This gemstone has a rich, deep red with a slight tint in the bluish.

The Ruby is found on almost all the continents of the Earth. Most sought after and most valuable are the gems from Asia, however, especially those from Thailand, Sri Lanka and Burma, also known as Burma rubies. Rubies can be produced nowadays also artificially. A color correction by firing is also possible.
Inclusions are in the Ruby rather than reduction in quality, but on the contrary as proof of authenticity. Rutile needles certain effects in the gemstone can be achieved, such as the cat’s eye effect or the Asterism (six Jet Star, who wanders when moving of the gem above the surface).
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