The Topaz – a Gem in Wonderful Colours

Its wide color range comprises the tones ice blue violet violet, Glutrot, honey yellow, fiery Orange and lime green.

The enchanting nuances make the Topaz to a prestigious and popular gemstone which cool has a magical effect in a piece of jewelry.
There are however considerable price differences between the different varieties, learn the reasons below. Also contains information about what you should look for when choosing and buying such a gem.

1. the color – the decisive quality criterion

The natural colours of the Topaz

The Blue Topaz, which resembles the aquamarine in its light blue and clear color is very well known and widely used. The natural Blue Topaz is a great rarity and therefore precious.
In addition but don’t forget the other, beautiful shades. The sparkling red orange is highly sought after and fascinating of the Imperial Topaz. Only a vanishingly small proportion of specimens in gem quality does this hue. In the 19th century, the Russian Ural mountains was an important site of this variety, which is why the gemstone in honor of the Russian Tsar as a Imperial Topaz was named. Today is the largest storage facility in the city of Ouro Prêto in Brazil.

Due to their colour resemblance with Sherry is a yellowish-brown to Orange variety of the gemstone as Sherry Topaz.

Also the color is very beautiful the pink Topaz, of that of pink fancy diamonds or pink sapphires is similar to.

A characteristic feature of the Topaz is his Pleichroism: his color is changed depending on the direction. Particularly strong is this effect with reddish and pink gems pronounced, which may vary between black cherry, yellow gold, rose-red and violet. A facet-rich Pleichroism is also in pink, Brown and green varieties. The Blue Topaz, however, this feature is only weakly developed.
There are raw crystals, which are divided into different areas of color. These are polished faceted, is a so-called bi color Topaz.

Artificial treatments to improve the color

A common method is to artificially enhance the color of Topaz. For colorless gems, a very nice shade of blue can be achieved through Electron – or heat treatment. This procedure is for the Sapphire or Ruby for the quality of the gem completely harmless, must be indicated in the sale, however. Natural specimens in beautiful colors achieve significantly higher prices because of their greater rarity.

2. purity – Blue Topaz and his Immaculate transparency

Faceted Blue Topaz is characterized by its high purity. Thus, the cool and fresh colour comes particularly well.
Very unusual shades such as those of the Imperial Topaz or the pink Topaz often inclusions exhibit. That does not necessarily negatively affects their value, as especially the color is crucial.

3. cut – the variety of forms of this gemstone

The Topaz can be ground to all forms. The oval cut or the drop cut meets the elongated Crystal form, which has the gem of nature.
The Emerald-cut highlights the color of gemstone with its large facets and so particularly well suited to intensely colored versions.

4. the wide range of the carat sizes

The carat price of treated Topaz only negligible increases with its size, that look very different from when the rare natural gemstones. There is a drastic price increase.
Topaz can occur naturally in very large forms. A famous yellow copy is the staggering 22.982-karätige faceted American Golden Topaz, which is kept in the Museum of natural history in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C..
He has an extraordinary size for an imperial Topaz: the 97,45-karätige blaze Imperial Topaz can be seen at the field Museum in Chicago.
The teardrop-shaped Chalmers Topaz 5.899,5 carats in size, which is also located at the field Museum is a remarkable clear copy.

Where does the name Topaz?

Assuming that is the term Topaz on an island in the Red Sea, which formerly bore the ancient Greek name Topazios . However, there do not a Topaz was found, but green Peridot.
Other scientists traced the name Topaz or tapaz to the Sanskrit words, which means as much as fire.

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