These Are The Prices of The Pixel, and Not Te Van a Gustar

Finally, there have been two of the most anticipated phones of the year, the new Pixel and Pixel XL, ‘made by Google’ phones, no trace of mention of HTC, He has been responsible for making both terminals. The specifications that had filtered have proved to be correct, what has taken part of the surprise effect.

Finally, commits both processor, such as sizes, and screen resolution, memories, with the implementation of Google Assistant and different characteristics, without forgetting the “nod” to Apple about the presence in the Pixel of 3.5 mm jack. Now the availability is also known and price of the Pixel, hold and prevents throw with anger against the screen.

By now, from today itself, these terminals can be booked in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia apart from $649 for Pixel 5 inches and 32 GB, although in Germany it will be priced at € 759. For the same country, their version of 128 GB the price is € 869.

With regard to the Pixel XL, its 32 GB version will be €899, while the 128 GB will be (drum roll) €1009. Yes, nine thousand euros. We take into account that they are the prices of Germany, Perhaps, being very optimistic, we can see them at a price somewhat less in Spain and not too abusive in Latin America.

Are the Pixel the best Android smartphones of the moment?

During the presentation of these terminals, we have seen that your specifications are all high-end, bring the latest in Android and are the first to bring new Google features. They are also compatible with Daydream phones, so the virtual reality will not be a problem.

Even so, although they are clearly competent phone, they are nice and bring features that others do not have (especially at the level of software), I It would be very difficult to say that these are the best Android terminals. Are they good? Yes, and much, and also with the direct support of Google, but I think that they are not the best.

First of all is the issue of price, it is not the highest, but taking into account that they have a very similar to the existing hardware (which have dropped in price) and don’t bring anything revolutionary, perhaps a drop of 100 or €150 to compete in the market had is grateful.

Now we all know that It is difficult to innovate in the tererno of smartphones, but perhaps I expected more for a price which will be in Europe above the €750, and more at this stage, when there are more than one dozen to sell high-end phones. They are very good terminals, but far from being better, leaving as the only attraction what was previously the Nexus ‘experience’.