Tip of the Day with Jeans

Enjoy The Cycle Paths To Pedal With Your Family And Friends Wearing A Sweatshirt Jeans.

Hello guys!

Have you ever imagined having the same versatility as the jeans and the super comfort of the sweater? Well, know that it is possible with the sweatpants. Yes, this exists and can also be called jogging or jogger. Great looking tips for those who like to pedal.

The main characteristic of jogging pants models is that they have the leg part with a tight, elasticated bar that can be long or shorter, since the fabric of the piece, even the jeans, is more loose, making the legs Have a softer part.

This model has everything this winter 2015. It is influenced by the trend that joins the urban style to the sport, leaving the pieces with an air stripped without losing the elegance.

For those who do not know the trend began with women’s sweatpants, they had a strong sporting appeal, there the piece appeared combined with jumps, sweaters and delicate housings, among other compositions.

The model is also a great option for those who like to take the bike out of the garage and pedal. But choosing a look for this moment, it can become complicated, after all, how to avoid a very sporty look and be tidy at the same time?

General Tips For Jeans Pull Over Sweatshirt

The secret to not leaving your look with this type of jeans very sporty is to combine it with t-shirts more tidy and on the feet opt ​​for sneakers, espadrilles, sneakers Vans style, or if you prefer a shoe with heels (except if you go Even riding a bike).

Another look that jeans sweatshirt matches very well is the street trend, in which many girls identify quite a bit. The look is perfect for use at school, hanging out with friends on an informal ride and pedaling. This style also requires more stylish accessories, such as berets, hats, glasses, among others.

Look Tips

Jeans with a pair of sneakers and a structured jacket: to wear a sneaker and not to be “dropped” too, put on a blazer or even a jacket with well-structured shoulders, let the look more harmonious and fashionable.

Jeans sweatpants and fashion pieces: How about taking advantage of the boldness of the pants and putting elements that will make your look even more fashion, like a vest, a turtleneck or even a leather jacket?

Jeans sweatpants and loose-fitting blouses: On a variety of occasions from day to day you can combine jogging pants with loose blouses, lightweight fabrics, betting on low-cut sandals, modern skirts or slippers.

Jeans sweatpants and silk blouses: at night (yes, it’s allowed!), The ideal is to wear a more sophisticated fabric such as darker jeans, making it combine with versatile pieces such as silk blouses, heels or sneakers.

Jeans sweatshirt and trench coat: On colder days, you can wear your sweatshirt jeans with a trench coat, more sportive shirt and All Star sneakers.

Valuable Hint For Jeans Pedaling Pull Over Sweatshirt

If it’s even pedaling in sweatpants jeans, the colors help you stand out in the cars, causing drivers to see you from afar to avoid any accidents. Fluorescent vests are also a good choice for those who like sober looks. The important thing is not to fade in too light colors or black. Enjoy the colorful parts to stay safe.

Reason for love and hate, the sweatshirt jeans can be fashion and suit your day to day. She is a reason for love because she is super comfortable, leaves everything slack and hateful because it often does not favor the body. The tip is to try to use other, more loose parts as well, which will stretch the silhouette.

Bet on this novelty and stumble on your look by pedaling through the city!

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