Tips for Babies Who Go to Swimming

Irene not going swimming. Ready. The post was this.

Just kidding.

Actually, I don’t. Irene will not even to swimming. I chose to focus on the music lesson than swimming itself. I think I have time to learn to swim and perhaps wrongly, associate with the pool more diseases (ear infections and colds) except that her skin is extra sensitive and so I would be VERY queer to choose a pool for her. After going.Let’s have both! She will then do some piscinin has to the side (as I see it, the only drawback of practicing swimming is that we have to do constantly the groin and armpits-unless we do senior sprints of the locker room to the pool and swim goggles to steal everyone, but can be tricky).

We went today at the invitation of a friend (it’s always the same that invite me to things, don’t think that I have no friends, because I have just now in adult life is to have women who can put up with me) to free swimming lesson of Benfica. Of course it was more than an excuse to have to buy a few things for the Irene.

Things that I took in the bag (since I also have to go with her):

-Turkish Robe

A day’s wear the mythical of the Pousadas de Portugal, those who do not give people but that appear a lot in their house.

-Towel that never gets wet (this news make me feel even more old lady) to Irene

-Havainas for me

-Swimming slippers (are so cheap) to Irene (have a elasticozinho, maybe more sandals) on

-Bathing suit of Irene- here I was surprised because the majority of babies with diaper into the water and then the mothers put a bathing suit on top. I took a bathing suit of last year’s Imaginarium which is anti-leakage of stools (not out) and it’s not disposable. Will the mothers know this option? It seems to me melhorzita. There must be something I’m missing….

-Cap to Irene and me

-Shampoo and shower Gel (now use Corine de Farme I’m super surprised with the taste and texture of the creams and I like the fact that it is above 90% of natural products, let me rest)

-Cookies (to kill the animal after swimming)

-Panties and bra for me (I was just with the bathing suit dress)

I forgot to brush hair for me. (I couldn’t be so perfect haha)

-And ready.

I chose a big bag so you can shoot everything inside without having to waste time bending and the search for them that he knew he was going to be a little stressful and I didn’t want to be with things.

Things I learned:

It is very important to choose whose pools spas have Playpens -can’t imagine the saviors they are because for 5 minutes, we can stick the kids in there and they don’t run, don’t slip on the floor, or decide to get wet all the dirty water blecch!

-Have a zone “exchanger” is essential and, in that area, always use a towel underneath the tail of them. I think many mothers must be atónitas when the babies catch fungi in the tail or genitals and I think this might be a chance.

-Have the Turkish robe doesn’t make it not a towel.

– There are dirt cheap cameras (it seemed like) waterproof unless you want to take the chance to put your cell phone psychological in a specific bag.

-Classes are just half an hour it seemed even the ideal time. To Irene not that made a huge tantrum when going out, but that’s half an hour of revelry and half an hour of preparation and bathing/dressing.

All the babies were super happy! My friend’s baby until it’s been apnea;) Are super desenrascados and I’m sure that will be a break for parents this summer.

As for me… I loved watching Irene quiet appreciating euphorically and, more than that, have an excuse to stay on my lap for half an hour with your body to grind on me;)