Tips for Getting Pregnant

Tips and advice to achieve pregnancy that both dream and aspire to
Not always a pregnancy is easy. Many women, no matter how much you work towards getting pregnant cannot. Some come to despair while others resort to fertility treatments or try a few methods and home remedies.
Let’s start with the remedies and natural tricks, the ones using our grandmothers. Of course you can’t compare the ease that they had to stay pregnant, compared with women of modern life. Stress, as well as the tiredness, the multiple tasks and schedules inconsistent these days often are factors that make pregnancy something almost impossible.
Advice to achieve pregnancy
1-as Symptothermal Method
Is to identify the fertile and infertile days of the menstrual cycle from observation of basal body temperature and the sensations that accompany it. Choose a thermometer and start taking the temperature in your mouth, or anally or vaginally, when rule ends, until the next menstruation. Should be done every morning at the same time, before getting up from the bed. Make a graph, and record the temperature every day. The woman know that ovulated when, after several temperatures noted, appears an increase of at least 2 tenths above the six previous notes, and this rise maintains three days in a row.
If you add two days before the first and after the last two days, these will be your maximum fertility days, the days when you can get pregnant if you perform a sexual relationship. Here at you can get more different models of the pregnant fashion.
2-the cervical mucus
The cervical mucus, mucus is that is expelled from the cervix or cervix, and that varies according to the texture days of the cycle. Presented in the previous days and sticky after ovulation, and liquid crystals during ovulation. You can watch it at night, before bed. Since your note, you will be able to achieve a pregnancy.
3-natural and homemade Methods to get pregnant
-Position after a sexual relationship. Must remain in bed, his mouth up and put a pillow or something to keep the high back; should remain in that position for half an hour. This will allow the semen remains in your uterus and offer more possibilities of that Act.
-Sound Power: in addition to consume foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, they say Royal Jelly promotes fertility. Calendula tea has similar effects. Clean the vaginal tract naturally and can regulate the menstrual cycle. Drink this infusion daily, seeking to have sex especially in two days more fertility.
-Mental control: we know that it is very difficult, but you must relax, let go of that anxiety that hinders you and forget some of that problem. Be patient, get away from the stress and anguish, because it can block the fertility.
-Relinquish habits: smoking and drinking. Alcohol may decrease the immunity. Fetch lead a healthy life and no vices.
Fertility is also man’s thing
In addition to all these methods that women can use to get pregnant, it is necessary that as much as she will to do them and repeat them, useless if the sperm of your spouse are plentiful and of good quality. Therefore, fertilization is not just for women. The stress, tiredness and tension can also change the sperm production.
Both the man as the woman who desire a pregnancy, should take care of health.
If after a year of trying, you are unable to get pregnant, the next step is to consult a specialist. There are several ways, equally valid, to be Daddy or Mommy.