Tips for Using Jewelry with Long Dresses

There are occasions when the long dresses are indispensable. Sophisticated parties, weddings, elegant dining and related events, everyone asks for a more elaborate production, with long and suitable dresses, as well as elegant accessories.

However, many women can commit blunders in these moments. In the eagerness of being perfectly dressed, they end up exaggerating the choice of accessories, which can clash the remainder of the production. See some tips for wearing jewelry with long dresses.

How to choose the jewels that combine with long dresses according to

When you talk about the use of jewelry, you will soon think that luxurious pieces are needed, made with high-value materials. That’s not a rule. Who has in house accessories so, as long as these combine with the dress, they can use it, of course; Yes, the more elegant, the prettier the look. However, today there are a lot of jewellery that don’t get too much behind the jewels.

The important thing, choosing jewellery for long dresses, is to opt for models that are not poorly made or with details that deplete the play, because they are more suited for informal occasions. Check the finishing of the material and what its components are. Stoners always give a more elegant air to the accessories and hardly realizes that they are not real jewels.

On the other hand, it will not be appropriate to reunite all the jewels you possess in the same look. Even if they are visibly valuable, they will lose their charm when they exaggerate in use, especially with dresses that have many details. There’s no point, for example, putting big earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, all in one look, just because they’re real jewels. It’s called visual Over, i.e. exaggerated and had like tacky.

How to combine jewelry with long dresses

The simpler the dress, the more you can allow yourself, the choice of jewelry. It is equivalent to saying that if, for example, the dress is made entirely in fabric, without flashy embroidery or very specific necklines, it is possible to use larger and richer earrings in detail. On the other hand, the dresses that are not simple should be combined with very delicate jewelry, because the whole attention will be turned to clothing.

If you opt for a beautiful bracelet, it will be better then combine it with only a pair of medium sized earrings, provided the necklace is banned from the look. Avoid using flashy rings, as the bracelet will be the highlight of the arms and hands.

If the choice is for a big necklace, then the right thing to do is to opt for small and delicate earrings. They must dialogue with the necklace as much as possible.

Big earrings and long dresses also deserve attention. The bigger the jewels, the simpler the neckline of the clothing. The strapless dress, for example, even if it has the embroidered bust, can be combined with large earrings, because the skin to show causes the impression of distance between the embroidery and the earrings, softening the highlight. In short, the hint is to balance jewelry and dress, so that production does not become exaggerated and tacky.