Tips on How to Wear Sweater

Learn What Are The 5 Tips On How To Wear Sweater Without Error

Hello Girls!

Today I will talk about a piece of clothing super Joker: the sweater! The sweater is a whole play closed protecting your body from the cold. Generally, done in yarn or wool.

Find sweaters of all colors, patterns and prints, even those longer models that we can use as a dress. Is a super comfortable piece that combines with various clothes and all body types. We can use the sweater with skirt, shorts, pants… absolutely an essential piece in our wardrobe.

There are few people who don’t like this piece, but it still says it’s tacky and serves only to sleep. I, personally, I think quite the opposite. I think super charming any look that includes sweaters.

Only not to keep that guy in his pajamas and take the charm of the play, do you have any tips! Check out 5 tips on how to wear Sweater:

  1. At work, use more justinhos models. Combining with a shirt in neutral tone underneath, looks great and has no error.
  2. To balance the visual, to use templates more loose, bet on skinny pants or skirts more fair.
  3. For the meatier, or with very hip: bet on longer covering the region and without very large prints.
  4. Women with broad shoulders, the tip is to bet on models with necklines.
  5. For those who want to give more volume in the body, use and abuse of the turtle necks and bulky, and with larger plots.