Tips to End Baby Cramps

First-time moms can not even sleep properly worried about their babies, especially when they start crying and they do not know how to make the little ones calm down.

Tips to End Baby Cramps

Babies often cry because of hunger, thirst, or because they are baked, but when they do not want to eat, drink, or bake, the problem is colic, as babies often experience a lot of pain in their tummy.

How to End Baby Cramps?

Baby Tummy Massage – When the baby is feeling pain in the tummy, the best option is to massage the baby’s tummy, make circular movements clockwise. The massage should be done as follows: With the hands in the shape of a shell, slide one at a time through the baby’s belly, starting from the ribs towards the pubis. The massage should make light pressure.

Hot Bath – Prepare a bath with water at a temperature between 36 and 37 degrees. Take a normal shower, but get more water in the tummy.

Make a compress – Pour a diaper with iron and place it still warm on the baby’s belly, or use a thermic bag with warm water. Heat helps in vasodilation, facilitating blood flow and relaxing the muscles. This compress decreases abdominal discomfort.

Make skin-to-skin contact – To reduce colic, lay the baby face down on the father’s or mother’s chest, so the baby will be able to flush out the discomfort and make the colic worse. The skin-to-skin contact snuggles and the voice and smell of the mother or father gives calm and safety to the baby.

Breastfeed – Most babies calm down when they start to breastfeed. Oral stimulation is a source of satisfaction that helps decrease colic. Just do not offer the breast if the baby is finished nursing or if he does not want to suckle.

Prevent gas – The amount of air the baby swallows at each feed can cause gas and increase colic, so it is essential to have the baby belch to expel swallowed air during breastfeeding. For children who do not breastfeed, it is possible to find bottles created to avoid colic.

Ask for help – The cramping and crying of babies can last for several hours and the mothers get nervous, which makes the baby feel even more painful, so leave the scene and ask for help for someone calmer who offers safety for the little.

Control your feeding – Women who are breastfeeding should control their feeding, they should avoid industrialized foods with dyes, preservatives and stabilizers because these products make the baby’s digestion very difficult.

Foods that cause cramps in the baby

  • bean
  • broccoli
  • eggs
  • onion
  • cabbage
  • cauliflower
  • milk derivatives
  • orange
  • lemon
  • chocolate
  • tomato
  • coffee
  • soft drinks