To Serving Deep Skin Cleansing?

Deep skin cleaning is a cleaning treatment performed in the whole area of the face with the purpose of removing impurities impregnated in our skin tissue. This cleaning process lasts about 1:30, it is at this time that the professional takes care to eliminate all waste contained in our skin.

For those who do not know the face is our calling card, but it’s not just why we should take good care of him and by him suffer daily with the rays, with the pollution and excessive makeup.

Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful and healthy skin, a skin without imperfections, spots or blackheads, just like the soap opera actresses. Yes, for this to happen you only need to take the initiative in time to devote to your skin health. From GRANTHAMGUIDES, the following is how important and how to do deep skin cleansing and how to keep it hydrated, healthy and with a youthful appearance.

Deep Skin Cleansing

The deep skin cleansing is especially recommended for people with oily skins, because this type of skin tends to accumulate larger quantities of impurities and consequently begins to appear the blackheads, pimples and the like.

The great advantage of deep facial for normal skin alimpeza is the steam used to open the pores, which makes deeper and more efficient cleaning. With a few adjustments to this kind of procedure can be done at home, but in the case of more complicated skins, as for example, skins with high incidence of acne, blackheads and miliuns, is more recommended appeal to a deep skin cleaning professional.

How Does the Deep Skin Cleansing

We will explain, step by step, and how does the deep skin cleaning professional. There might be minor differences as to the type of product used, check with your professional before initiating the procedure and ask to stop in case of any appearance of adverse reaction.

Deep Cleaning:

How to clean professional skin starts the process with a cleaning, so that the scrub has greater effectiveness and to remove the superficial layer of skin impurities.


A gentle exfoliation on the skin, for the removal of dead cells and give your original softness to the skin.


Very important to help the skin to recover from any damage caused by exfoliation.

Emollient Application:

The softener is applied, typically in gauze or the like, to assist in removal of blackheads, acne inflamed and not miliuns.

Application of Steam:

It is usually used ozone steam to open the pores, which allows cleaning of the skin reach deeper parts of the skin.


The extraction is done manually, as explained in our article about professional facial or by suction, since they were offered by emollients.

Cauterization of the Skin:

Usually made with high frequency apparatus, cauterizing any small injury resulting from extraction and avoiding any infection or inflammation.

Application of Relaxing Mask and Sunscreen

In the same way as in a common facial.

In the same way that there is a home version of the common facial, you can do a version of deep skin cleaning in your House, using a bowl or Cup of hot water or even right after a hot shower.

The pores will open and the cleaning procedure of normal skin will have a much deeper effect. It is recommended to finish the process by washing the face and the other areas where the skin with cold water to close the pores.

If your skin is dry or natural, it is not necessary to do the deep skin cleansing each month, but if your skin is oily, mixed is the most recommended, to prevent buildups.

Tips to Have a Clean, healthy skin

1-Protect Your Skin From Sunlight:

Use sunscreen daily, be sure to use only when you’re on the beach. This procedure is essential because ultraviolet rays from the Sun will cause changes in your skin that end up with the youth.

However, it is important to buy the right sunscreen for your skin, that is, the whiter your skin is greater should be the level of protection.

2-Keep the Skin Clean:

Use liquid soaps or Glycerin for effective cleaning of your skin, because a clean and moisturized skin breathe better.

3-Hydrate the Skin:

Keep your skin moisturized is key, so you avoid the dryness and the entry of micro-organisms that can cause infections.

4-Skin Exfoliation:

Exfoliate the skin assists in cell renewal, that is, remove all the dirt and, mainly, the dead skin cells. The tip from experts is to do this procedure once a week, as this will stimulate collagen renewal and local circulation, which will result in a decrease in skin patches.

NOTE: to make a body scrub at home, mix well until it forms a paste, 2 cups of sea salt with water. Pass on the skin making a circular motion, let stand for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do this process during bathing.

5-Healthy Eating:

Change your eating habits, you should include in your diet, fruits, vegetables and vegetables. Remember that everything you eat later will be reflected in your skin.

6-Skin Without Makeup:

It may seem boring and repetitive, but later your skin will thank you. Remove all makeup before going to sleep the skin with the appropriate products.

7-Skin Blemishes:

Avoid staying face stained, don’t be bursting and even poking the blackheads and pimples that appear on your face.