Tommy Hilfiger Not Skimp on Colors for Your Collection of Pre-Primavera 2013

The collections of Tommy Hilfiger they have a rather clear guideline: bet and exploit the preppy style. And the good thing they have is that they are pioneers, especially at the national level, in this. This translates into an experience in a sector which is reflected in its lookbooks and seasonal collections, abounding chromatic injections, navy style and urban touches preppys or the importance given to the Add-ons within sets.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at the new collection from pre-primavera 2013 that have drawn and you will see quick and easy identified these guidelines.

The theme of the colors is one of the most important elements of. Neutral colors together cakes are essential in any look preppy self-respecting: red, green, blue… all of them are valid provided they know combined in the measure and correct amount. Special importance is given to some prints such as the madras and tartan, to not only provide a touch fresher and more cheerful to all but giving personality to the whole.

Another aspect to highlight, that remains in this pre collection by 2013, It is the adaptation of other styles to the preppys canons. Thus we find a style college or a much more care navy, with greater emphasis on colors and accessories and with a somewhat tighter tailoring than normal and no doubt one essence more classic.

The result is a looks very appetizing and summer set, with quite versatile garments inside and outside the own collection and a set of shoes, which have ignored it so far, based on nautical and moccasins to insurance that will be the delight of more than one of our readers.