Trinkets Bracelets: Tips

The first tip is the compatibility between Pandora and Vivara, who has already commented in this post. Pandora serves on Vivara, but the opposite does not usually work. Another issue of Pandora is the Essence line, closer, when I was at the store, the clerk explained that, despite the regular pendants fit bracelet Essence, is uncomfortable because it’s very wide and very personal scale.According to the brand, the Essence line should not be used in the regular line and vice versa. An interesting detail of this line, is that the trinkets have silicon and so are fixed on the bracelet.
The secret to those who have other brands as Biagi, Chamilia and Lovelinks is the diameter of the cavity of the pendant, to serve he must have between 4, 5 and 5 mm. Attention to the Troll beads brand, their trinkets are smaller and do not usually serve in other brands. Maybe they are compatible with the Vivara, but I don’t have any of them to say. Already the pendants of Brighton, this guy below, enter the bracelets, but are large and Samba.

According to FASHIONISSUPREME, Brazil has more flexible bracelets, but out there have rígídos bracelets of various brands such as Pandora, Chamilia and Persona. I just got this guy and what I think is cool are the various possibilities of use, including combination between brands.

The best tip is to shop outside. I discovered, by chance, a craft website when looking for a mother of Pearl pendant . The Art Beads vende trinkets for bracelets, some are the same as those of mark and all are cheaper. At first it seemed strange, but the site is amazing, has beautiful trinkets of Swarovski (some are even on the website of Chamilia, which is of the Swarovski group) muranos, tips and lots of promotions, I wanted to leave building.

The pieces are well packed and organized mutíssimo and coupon for new purchases and gifts. The coupon must come the freebies were a promotion.Another tip is The Find, great site to find what you’re looking for. Check out other options in this post and my mix and match here.