Two Generations of Galaxy Note Lost, Samsung Confirms and Goodbye to Star 2016 Android

When we played for the first time to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 We feel something special, we have to admit, the Korean giant was close to perfection on a smartphone, if that exists, clear… Our Note 7 was love at first sight, a love of summer those so intense that you have it forever, but are as fleeting as the Sun which warms the Indian summer of Saint Martin.

We have been poetic, but that it was the only way to begin to tell the Chronicle of a death foretold without using the joke that Samsung has riding a circus and have grown the dwarves. The Galaxy Note 7 painted to success and has become an epic failure that will be remembered several generations accompanied by a myriad of images burned smartphones, many disgruntled users, a call to review, more problems and the purpose of the production that today the Korean giant has been confirmed permanently.

It is not the first Samsung Galaxy Note without which we are going to stay, in fact add two exercises without the phablet star the signature you created to the phablets. Curious, when less than Samsung last year we left without its fifth iteration – replaced by the Galaxy S6 Edge + in our markets-so now we stay again without a Galaxy Note 7 jumping nomenclature to match with the successful Galaxy S7.

This time, at least, Samsung has not for unknown reasons, but for a reason of force majeure that has nothing to do with introducing the S-Pen upside down, this time the Galaxy Note 7 are dangerous for their users due to a design error in an incendiary lithium battery.

First, the release of Samsung

Are not going to walk us with more literary flourishes because it has no case, is what you want the unfortunate owners of a Galaxy Note 7 knowing what to do with the device, so here you have full the statement issued by Samsung:

October 12, 2016

The safety of our consumers is our top priority. Following the recent incidents with Galaxy Note7, we have decided to stop sales and replacement of devices program Galaxy Note7, both original and new. As a result, we have stalled the production of this device permanently.

Therefore we ask all device clients Galaxy Note7 that, please stop using your device, turn it off and do a “back-up” of your personal data. We are working with distributors and operators to set up a replacement of your Note7 programme by a Galaxy S7 or S7 device edge, bringing back the difference in price. Alternatively, and if desired, you can request the full refund of your Galaxy Note 7 device.

We ask our sincere apologies to all of our customers the device Note 7 by failure to comply with the quality standards expected by Samsung Galaxy. We thank you for your patience during this time and again, apologize for the inconvenience that we have caused them.

We want to reassure all consumers Samsung Galaxy Note7 is the only affected device.

To replace your device by a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, bringing back the difference in price or, alternatively and, if desired, request the full refund of your Galaxy Note7 device, please contact the operator or dealer where you purchased your device. If you purchased your device Galaxy Note7 in, or if you have any questions, please contact 900.100.807 contact number.

Goodbye Galaxy Note 7, was nice while it lasted…

Back here the story of a fleeting love with a brutal smartphone, perhaps the best we have ever tested, and this is a rather pretentious claim in a market as fast as the smartphones.

However we do it openly, because Samsung had everything for success, with a base that could not have garnered better reviews. We obviously talk about the Galaxy S7 Edge, one phone rather than winner and who had been able to confirm that the curved screen was staying, It was already more or less functional or only as aesthetic dressing or exercise of innovation.

Perhaps this was the first mistake, the beginning of the end, because the Galaxy Note 7 was presented in a single panel SuperAMOLED curved in a similar container format to the already known of the Galaxy S7 Edge, keeping their lines and their materials, also its resistance to water, and adding also the S-Pen and all your productive functionality.

The recipe was clear and nothing could go wrong, or that thought the guys from Samsung, but as says the unwritten law of Murphy: ‘When something can go wrong, will go wrong’. And went wrong, the Note 7-Galaxy batteries have a problem derived from the design the terminal that makes them unstable, and the rest is history.

A graphic history:

Samsung has to substitute at home, and in the future… we’ll see

In Samsung at least reacted fast and well, going to lose many millions – something like $ 2,300 million less in his account of benefits – along the way and know it, but when all is lost only you have to stay afloat to try and then recover the boat and return to your path.

In addition, not everything is bad, because the Korean giant is the perfect substitute at home. You can many wring us brains looking for alternatives, but one of the most serious is precisely the S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy, and that is the alternative official of Samsung.

To resolve the crisis the best is recover the Galaxy Note 7, recycle them, and return the money or change the device users, and Samsung offers the change by a Galaxy S7 Edge that still has much travel, with the consequent saving of money which means that change and that the brand will assume.

Not everything is bad for Samsung, the perfect substitute was in the House and is called Galaxy S7 Edge: users can choose their money, or change the Galaxy Note 7 by this device receiving the price difference between the two

And what will happen in the future? Will we see the Galaxy Note 7 among us? Well, the first answer is that we don’t know it, and the second is that we doubt very much.

It is likely that the Korean giant is already immersed in the development of the hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S8 We will presumably know in Barcelona the next day February 26, 2017, and this closes you doors to a redesign of the Note 7. No redesign and return to production seems that problems will continue, so this is not the most likely.

For us, the Galaxy Note 7 is discontinued already, so we started to think in a Galaxy S8 which now add responsibilities, first pass a hardly surmountable S7, and then to close the wounds of a crisis which is going to take to heal.

It is possible to now think of one version with S-Pen of the future Samsung Galaxy S8, but this is another war and that we will talk much in the coming months. And you, what we say all this festival that has mounted with the Note 7? Also you wanted one?

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