Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas sweaters are already part of own Christmas, as the tree or polvorones. Nobody questioned them or put them in doubt. They are not a trend or respond to no aesthetic reason known to man. It is in fact rather the opposite: the most striking, colorful and best better than ugly. If you find it with glitter, lights and included melody is a treasure, the must-haves for your festivities. It will be the Christmas spirit!

And how we have a garment so, so, so statement (for lack of a better word)? There are several options, being the first and the easiest to give centre stage to the jersey Christmas. Finally and after all, if you take one of these it is because they want it to look and be the center of all the styling. It is clear that the tendency of the ugly sweaters is not suitable for shy or lovers of minimalism.

The second option, much more restrained and difficult to reach, is get your Christmas sweater to mix with the rest of the look, so the end result is Christmas and festive without being completely obvious or excessive. It seems difficult to get When you take all the upper part of your body filled with PomPoms of colors and peppermint sticks, but we have to change the chip: opt for the classics with friezes of snowflakes and reindeer. Christmas, Yes, but without going over.

It ‘ of the most wonderful time of the year do you have looking forward to Christmas? Christmas movie Chocolate caliente☕ Glühwein pine Lucesitas and goodies?

Once learned the lesson on how to combine this happy and fun clothing, now is the time that we were all waiting for: It’s shopping time! Looking for a Christmas sweater and none convince you or you think sufficiently appropriate for these dates? Here are some ideas.

Sweaters for Christmas

The first stop on our Christmas route is Primark, that it always has the most striking and original sweaters ugly. Some have built-in lights up! Glitter, PomPoms in 3D, classical friezes, and many penguins. The key? Take a look at the section of male shirts, they are authentic wonders.

In the field of dress festive, Asos is always the King. From sweaters children’s and original like this with a chicken skating up to chic clothing of the 1920s, as the jersey with metallic fringe. Are you looking for an intermediate point? Opt for Valances in red and green; or by a jersey of red dot as the above.

If you prefer a roll more sporty and casual, better leave the point and the wool at home, and choose a Christmas Sweatshirt, because you also have them. These are from Asos and will add a festive touch to your December with a wink most rebellious and groundbreaking.

  • Sweatshirt “Up to snow good”.
  • Sweatshirt “Naughty or nice”.
  • Sweatshirt “Kiss me”.
  • Sweatshirt “Slay ride”.