Use Woman’s Handbag with Style – See the Tips and Inspiration

The handbag as a complementary accessory look is known to be a charm for women. Despite this, however, is the time to use this resource type, after all, a minimum slip in way to use may end up compromising the entire visual perspective.

And to help those who want to use the women’s handbags in style then, we present below a list of inspirational tips. See!

Use the woman’s handbag with style – see the tips and inspiration

Purse satchel/Executive folder

According to the fashion consultants, handbag satchel is widely used especially by students. It has two handles, one hand and one for the shoulder, in addition to tend is made in leather and has dark colors.

The trick is that this type of bag is more recommended for a more formal and classic look, in other words, the ideal is to use it in a more discreet social with muted colors and fabrics.

Structured bag

The structured bag is a piece that is on the rise. Large handbags in this model are suitable both for work as for walking, and when used with great seriousness on the look conveys social.

Given this, the structured bag combines with a more formal and contemporary style, suitable for those who do not want to lose the feminine touch and jovial. Ideally, it is used with social skirts knee length and whenever possible in conjunction with blazers. After all, it can also be used with jeans, dresses or a more retro-style parts.

Bag/hobo half moon

The hobo bag, also known as ‘ half moon ‘, has a larger base that decreases in the handles. The model is suitable for those who need to carry a lot of things, but the woman must pay special attention to the type of material in the bag is done, because if the bottom is not too rigid a piece may end up with a sports guy.

In any case, the template can be used with informal clothes like shorts jeans and overalls, and can also be used with long skirts or floral dresses. The ideal is to use it in casual rides such as visits to shopping, shows, and movies, for example.

Tote/shopper bag

When in doubt regarding the best type of bag for shopping or a quick ride, lance’s hand bag shopping bag. This model of bag is large and comfortable, and can be very useful for those who want to carry groceries, books, portfolios and other utensils

It is worth noting, however, that she is ideal for casual and sport more looks, since normally has the mouth wide open, which also demand careful with your belongings stored in it.

Generally speaking, the stock market can be used with wide pieces of fabric, straps blouse, jeans and even parts with matching cardigans. Some models, however, are made of leather, and has, therefore, a more sophisticated look. In this case it is allowed to use the piece also in formal events such as work, for example.

Trunk bag

The bag is a classic chest of 60 years, being very seen in models of the brand Louis Vuitton. The stock model is perfect for combining with practically all styles and sizes, and can be used for hand strap or even the Strip lap.

She can usually be combined with classical pieces or even with a romantic style, working well even with turn-ups jeans, pumps and mesh. The ideal is to use the template in informal situations such as in trips to the Mall and movies, among others.


The bag is very comfortable backpack model and ideal for walks in the woman you want to keep your hands free, perfect for those days when you need to carry a lot of things.

The piece can be used with light dresses, resembling a more youthful image and comfortable and can be combined with All Star, low boots and flats. This kind of look is ideal for schools, colleges, courses, or even outdoor trips and weekend trips.

Transverse medium or small bag

The cross is usually small bag and has thin handle, being good practice for when the woman you want to load only the basics leaving your hands free.

The model can have several variations with regard to style, ranging from casual to sophisticated and enabling many forms of use. Among the most used models, for example, are of type ballad with glitter, beads or varnished material.

Party clutch

According to fashion consultants the clutch, it’s actually almost a smaller portfolio and structured, indiacada for nocturnal events as ceremonies and cocktails being they therefore preferred for weddings.

This bag is ideal for formal environments, therefore, must always talk well with the dress. The crucial tip in this case is, if the bag is the sequin dress should be lightweight, fabric and vice versa.