Valuing the Face Shape with Makeup

Each has a specific face shape, but to make it more symmetrical and beautiful, it is possible to soften and highlight points of the face through the makeup. With the bronzing powder areas are softened and the Illuminator are highlighted.

Fixes for each type of face with the bronzer and illuminating:

Lengthened:To give the feel of a decrease in the shape of the face, follow the tip from HollowayWishlist, apply bronzing powder around the forehead and jaw.

Round:Dark side of the face with bronzing powder, does not have defined angles. Light brow Center, on top of the apples and the Chin.

Square or Rectangle:Dark lower jaw, temples on the side of the forehead. Light up top of the Chin and forehead Center.

Inverted Triangular, heart-shaped forehead and Diamond: Shadow end of the Chin, the sides of the forehead and the temples. Illuminate the cheekbones, the forehead Centre and the lower jaw.

Triangular:Dark end of the forehead and lighten the sides. Shade lower jaw. Illuminate the Centre jaw and temples.

Hexagonal:Illuminate the side of the forehead, mandible and darken the upper jaw.

Oval:is considered the ideal face, little enhancement is required. To set more, apply the lotion on my temples.

What is your face shape?

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