Wall Lights for Garden

We have reported in one of our last posts on possibilities of garden lighting and legal backgrounds. Today we want to show a few beautiful examples of wall lights friends – just for fun and inspiration for your own green oasis.

Wall Lights for Garden

Hanging lamps

For the nostalgic among us: Kerosene lamps. With its rustic charm, give a special touch to their environment and look in the little garden oasis as well as in the rose garden in front of the State House.

Magical and playful: with a Wall lamp like this you can set special accents in his garden, which noticed during the day and in the evening through the matte glass give a soft, warm light.

Like the Streetlight in Italy: With its patina of decorating and the structured glass panes, this hanging lamp acts old-fashioned and very stylish. It is particularly well suited for the terrace or in the entrance area.


With spots instead of the classic wall lights can be wonderful graphical accents on walls. The play of light and shadow is used deliberately.

LEDs in glass blocks

You will find instructions for the construction of solar-powered LED lighting fixtures in glass blocks on online lighting store. The solar panel is attached separately from the LEDs. This variant requires little technical skill, but brings a unique flair for that are probably worth the effort. Here they were used to create a lighted way, but of course you can install it as wall lamps in wall niches.

Fairy Lights

Also lights look pretty in the summer, you can temporarily install instead of permanently installed wall lights. Especially when festivals are additional sources of light in the dark not only useful, but a decorative element that supports the solemn mood.