Wallpapers for Babies!

A touch of affection on all sides.How can we not think of this when it’s time to decorate the baby’s room ?Each piece that will compose the environment deserves special attention to celebrate the arrival of someone highly anticipated and of course leave the full comfort to the room.

And when we think of comfort, we can not just stick to the furniture that decorates the environment.The decoration is something that goes through all space and has a lot of importance in all elements of space.And speaking of the importance of each element of space, we can not leave aside an item that gives a lot of personality to space: the wallpapers.

The use of wallpapers for the nursery became popular in the middle of the 20th century, when the decoration of the spaces took on a modern tone.Using mostly neutral compositions in the spaces, over time the freedom to dare in the choice of colors gave even more possibilities to beautify the environment.Currently the market offers many options and finding one that exactly is how you want will not be difficult.

Wallpapers for Babies

The choice of wall papers has the need to go against the decoration you have planned for the environment.So if you’ve already bought the decor items for your baby’s room, make sure the wallpaper colors follow the pattern. Or, if you prefer, make the reverse way: first choose the wallpaper of your choice and adjust the room space.The important thing is harmony, after all, a space made to be fluffy, must be all harmonic.

According to wallstickercollection.com, it’s time for you to join us in the examples of wallpapers below and be enchanted with the beautiful choices that will fall perfectly into the room of the most delightful smile of the house.

To match the furniture

The wallpaper with white background brings a set of small horses that blend in a shade of blue through the four corners of the wall.A simple composition, sweet and very well combined with the other furniture of the space.With a small blue-colored armchair and white American crib, the baby’s room still has small details in the color of the wood that is also present on the small shelf.A great example of simplicity with excellent results from the Vitória (ES) office, Coutinho + Vilela .

Sweet girl

This baby room has received a beautiful wallpaper to compose the environment with joy and delicacy. The vertical stripes in pink, blue and small details of other colors that give a sweet contrast to the space, was wonderful and made all the decoration of the room. As an auxiliary piece of decoration, the blue armchair contrasts perfectly with the colors of the walls and the curtain. A delicate project by the architect Amanda Miranda, from Niterói (RJ).

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Delicacy is a theme that should be used with all the dedication in the baby’s room. Therefore, the soft colors in the most fraternal tone, are perfect to use in the details of the decoration of the room. And that’s what Uaua Baby from São Paulo chose to customize this wallpaper with small clouds, giving light to the environment.Possible to be personalized, the wall papers of the store offer the most diverse prints.This design also features small colorful comics that blend in nicely with the sweetness of the chosen wallpaper.


One of the sweetest themes for decorating baby rooms, is about small sailors. That’s because the neat clothing attracts attention, as well as the accessories and the possibility of playing with the sea. In this design, the wallpaper plays with navy blue interspersed with white in horizontal stripes to highlight and grow the decor. In round niches were placed plush to give a perfect touch of cuteness to the space. The idea came from the architect of Recife, Juliana Farias.


Another classic in decorating with wallpapers for babies, are the checkered stripes. Easy to match with neutral color environments, the checkered strips stand out easily and empower the possibilities of varying elements that complement the room. Perfect in this crib and white dresser composition, the small strip of wallpaper was an excellent choice of the Pereira Reade Interiores office, from São Paulo (SP).

A lot of personality

As far as parents are concerned, personality is what will not be lacking for the life of this baby. With a stylish decor, the room received the wallpaper of vibrant colors that interweaves the red with bright colors. Besides the beautiful wallpaper, pictures with many colors and a little romper play with the environment, which is certainly a place of great joy. The project is by interior decorator Sandro Clemes , from Florianópolis (SC).

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Colorful and fun figures

The wallpaper of this baby room is sheer cuteness.The colorful designs give fantasy and play to the environment that has many elements that reinforce these ideas.Having the pink color to dictate the ambiance, the room is pure fun and delicacy.The small furniture is perfect for the small sit, draw and when tired, have other options to have fun until tired.Pure sweetness.

In the clouds

Falling asleep in the clouds is an angel thing.And, as you just received an angel in the home, nothing better than choosing a wallpaper that has clouds designed to make your little one sleep very lightly in the American crib .Contrasting perfectly the blue with the white of the furniture, the room was incredible and still received small figures to reinforce lightness of the space.

Little Elephants

A world of happy elephants is what we can find in this nice wallpaper.Neutral in color and with colored dots distributed throughout the space, the idea was incredible and perfectly matched with the modern furniture in the small room, which has a simple but very stylish crib that matches the small stool and the chandelier.A treat that is worth it!