Wearing Nail Art Stickers

Well, I do not deny that this of the nail stickers It is all a fad. There are many brands that dare to include among its beauty products famous stickers, each time with more range and colorful. First they were specialized in nail marks and now all want to have their own.

One of the latest brands that has been proposed to beautify US-based stickers is L´OREAL, with a variety of stickers to choose from, difficult to stay only with ones because they are all precious!

Each packet comes with 18 stickers of different sizes. You will find that best fits your nail, although probably most will cut the long since they are very long. L’Oreal promises an endurance of 10 days with these stickers, good, that promises, then we will see more closely if really they endure intact so time.

My experience

As I have had the opportunity to try three different models (009 Poudre d’Or, 005 French Marinière and 029 Confetti) did not want to let tell you my experience and show you photos of the results. As you can see they are different among themselves, but they are above all very original.

To stand the stickers have that have some mana is not a Chinese, more difficult and laborious task I think the technique of making drawings of nails, also sure we will end up finding someone who can lend us a hand…

On the other hand you have to choose the size that is best suited to our nail, glue from base to tip and what leftovers, which in most cases will be much because the stickers are very long, filing down. Passer carefully to remove the excess and voila, and we will see how the label will be breaking a list.

Among the three I’ve tried me is quite difficult to stay with one in particular, they are very different and there is always a time for each of them. Now well, in terms of results of durability they were not all alike.

As for the worst for me is the dehydrated is the nail after removing the sticker, so they deserve a break.

Striped sailor – 005 French Mariniere

These are the first that I have used, the result of brilliant, original and very summer, this nail stripes reminds me of moments from beach and freshness.

Its durability has been of 4-5 days in good condition, then already some raya has been losing some color but they could continue wearing, already then tips me rose.

Explosive confetti – 029 Confetti

Fun and crazy, I can not call them otherwise, they are so colorful and acid giving a sparkling touch to any look.

Are those that have most lasted me, the I had put nine days and they were giving the pego, just noticed that the tip was missing sticker since the sticker to be transparent base conceals very well. And take off is nothing!

Black with touch gold – 009 Poudre D’Or

These are the most elegant, with black background and Golden bubbles that are concentrated in the area of the Moon, escaping any along the nail. In this case some gold points are lost as there is to be such long the sticker to cut it.

They have been the least they have lasted me, is I have taken off faster than previous to the second and third day already tip and some nail by base.

By the way the price of each nail sticker is of 7.95 EUR at WholesaleAbly. The nail sticker was provided to us for the test by L’Oréal. You can consult our policy of relations with companies for more information.