Wedding Dress Trends

What Does The Bride 2016? Lace, Tulle, Trouser Suit And Very Much Transparency, Hochzeit.At Gives An Overview About 2016 The Wedding Dress Trends For Your Wedding Dress.

Wedding Dress Trends

How dare the bride? Cleavage is allowed

The white of a wedding dress symbolizes the idea of purity from Already the trend of recent years increased the scope and brought new trendy colors on the plan. 2016, the wedding dress is worn back in white, a small dash of sex appeal but complemented the color expression of innocence. Deep neckline, often finds himself in V-shape as a focal point in many collections. This trend is many brides as a snippet, which will take well to the fore, busts of all sizes. Is the question so just yet, as generous trusts the bride?

Wedding Dress Trends

Tulle, lace and much fantasy

Lace and tulle is nothing really new as materials in terms of wedding dress now. It is however after leading designers the boundaries for cutting, material and pattern combinations are plumbed 2016 new. Elaborate patterns, much glitter factory, Scherpen and applications demand some courage of the bride in the coming year. This is combined with much transparent materials. Playful lace, transparent fabrics with tattoo effect, the bride is 2016 to the artwork. The bridal fashion shows of this year show tops that show a lot of skin in the nude look with just a hint tip. Bridal Haute-Couture in the next year also means that the transitions between the wedding dress and playful lingerie are fluent. Of course the almost completely transparent can be broken down Haute Couture on a measure which brings no risk of a fainting at the older guests – like a little transparency but not only the groom, but is also still full in vogue.

Short or long

Ankle deep, or dress for the wedding 2016 must not necessarily clearly fail the decision. Who can remember the 90s guns n ́Roses hit “November Rain” remember? Who was not that the secret star of the video was the bridal gown, with its unusual cut, front spectacular
briefly, back long. Since the 90s not frequently seen this wedding dress speciality. Now seems to be back on the rise. Rear long, there was still something? The train! It seems believed to be the current fashion shows and designers hardly an issue in the year 2016. Who has dreamed so already as a young girl of to feel, as a bride with long train like a Princess must choose probably between trendy and gut feeling. If you like but a little prinzessinenhaft like 2016 skirts with maximum volume are on the pulse of time.

Simple and unusual: the suit

The modern bride rips up the walls to an another male-dominated: the suit before the altar is no longer reserved for the groom 2016.Woman shows in numerous variations in next year’s pants down the aisle. If you think there’d be to see only stale costumes is wrong.From the classic pantsuit in white, spiced up by veil or headpiece to the refined combination of trousers and transparent top trousers and suit conquer their place in the round of the bridal. Pants and refined, 2016 that is certainly no contradiction for the bride! Much is allowed.The current trends showed rare so a wide range of materials, lengths and weights. Transparency and neckline are ready, for the bride who likes something daring, voluminous skirts, that once a day would be princess dress, suits and trousers are très chic and sober Eleganz.Vorschrift embody there is actually only one: feel at home in your wedding dress, after all it’s your day!

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