Wedding Rings Diy?

Yes – Yes Yes – fully launches the wedding season and maybe you’re invited on the one or the other party or may rejoice even yourself on your big day? We have now entered the big step, however in very small circles before the registry office.

These of course are important supporting actor: the wedding rings. There’s awful lot selection in all price ranges – from the bargains on the Internet up to the Nobel jeweler with the well known mintfarbenen sachet. Somehow still does not really mean to whom, for which there are there still another way: one can namely design own rings even when some gold smithing and forging.

We have so hastily made a consultation with the very likable John of Gold Hannes workshop in Munich-Schwabing and he has promptly managed to convince us that we that despite not existing knowledge and left hands would – get with a beautiful result!

Our rings should be rather simple (because we wanted to make sure you still like us), the design possibilities are unlimited but in principle. Multi-colour, with stones, with grooves and carvings… with John’s help everything possible.As a material we chose Rosé gold, which is a golden hue with a warm touch of Rosé, however not so vigorously as in rose gold.

In the production, there are also different ways depending on the design, you can e.g. make a wax model, make a piece of gold wire which is then poured or directly the ring out (we have made the latter).