What is a USB Hub?

A USB Hub, also known as “USB hub”, basically is an adapter with which extend the number of ports available on your computer, which is essential in these days where all the devices we buy have a connection through this method.

The main purpose of the USB Hub is the increase the number of ports available on our PC, which can be extremely useful in laptops, where usually we only have two or three of these USB ports. In this article will know a little more in depth about the USB Hub, its utility and the types that can be found in the market.

At some point as computer users surely he played us having to resort to disconnect any of our peripherals connected to USB to connect and use another, somewhat exhausting and very problematic, even if our PC is desktop type and is located against a wall.

In this sense, an adapter or USB Hub is the answer to all our problems, and that the only thing we have to do is connect the included cable with the adapter to an available USB port on the front or on the back of the Cabinet of the PC and leave the rest of the device on the desktop or in the place that best suits our needs , and then plug that want to connect to computer easily and smoothly, forgetting the problem of seeing that we disconnect and leave does not work to use another device.

Use of a USB Hub

Use a USB Hub is extremely easy, since all you have to do is find a free computer port and connect the hub there, and then that we will already be able to connect all kinds of devices, and best of all is that we should not worry of drivers or drivers, since operating system that we use either Windows, Linux or MacOS it will automatically to install and configure the software that is missing without our intervention.

How to choose a USB Hub

If we are users that we will only use a USB Hub to connect a couple of devices at the same time, we can make use of a basic hub that has at least four ports (see 4 ports item on eUSBHubs.com), sufficient for the majority of applications, and with which we will be able to connect cameras, pen drives and other peripherals without problems.

Now, if our requirements all of them include the possibility of connecting cameras, external storage drives, and CD/DVD drives simultaneously, devices with high power consumption, the best will be then buy a USB Hub with external power via a transformer.

In this way the concentrator has sufficient power to feed everything you connect you without risk that any of them does not work since it does not have enough power to meet its mission.