What Not to Say to a New Mom

From the moment we are mothers everything changes around us, a new world opens up full of love, sharing and a lot of complicity.

What Not to Say to a New Mom

From the moment we are mothers, a lot of people feel that they have the right to guess, be prepared to hear that the baby is cold, the baby is hot, the baby is thirsty or the baby is hungry.

Although some help is important, especially in the early days, the last word is always yours, you are a mother and you know what is best for your child.

What to say when you visit a baby for the first time

This text should be read by all friends, family and acquaintances who visit the new mom, this is a magical moment and not worth spoiling with comments and jokes unnecessary, especially when the mother is still frail and tired.

Ask to pick up the baby when he is sleeping, or make a noise to wake him up, this tip goes right to the grandmas.

You have to wear the brace, yes, because all the moms love to hear that the belly is big.

Asking why the baby is crying, babies cry because it is the only way to communicate.

One thing that never, but never should do is take the baby from his mother’s lap if he has to cry, people think they have the gift of calming babies, but he needs is the mother’s little cuddle.

Giving feedback on breastfeeding, if you visit a newborn baby should give the mother privacy at the time of breastfeeding instead of giving hints about the position and the handle.

Comparing the baby with others, each has its own way of acting, not robots that act the same way.

Say that the baby is too thin or too fat, just born, just needs milk to grow healthy.

New moms have to set limits, it’s important to take a position from the beginning so people understand that although they like to listen to advice, if they need them, they’ll be the first to ask.